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Kettlebells: The Unsung Greatness of These Unique Weights

By Greg Diener

I am always hearing from people whenever I talk about them; "What are Kettlebells?" It's very simple, these weights have become one of the biggest sensations in exercise these days. It is not rare to see somebody using these excellent weights at the gym. The people that have used the bells, know firsthand and will tell you that these bowling ball shaped weights, can give you great strength.

Kettle bells are cast-iron weights used for fitness reasons. They almost look like a powerful iron tea kettle, just without the spout. Another way to describe them is a cannonball with a handle that had been affixed. They were initially used in Russia where they were used as weights for scales in markets. Since they were primarily used to weigh agricultural equipment and products, kettlebells were mostly used by farmers. Eventually these farmers would turn swinging and carrying these weights into a tournament. Festivals were held to exhibit each farmer's skills. This would continue on for generations until it became more of a fitness instrument.

These farmers started using kettlebells in the ways that we see now; swinging, lifting, squatting, jerking, cleaning, etc. They found that kettlebells helped increase their strength, speed, agility and endurance. Because of its abilities, the Russians started to develop workout routines around the kettlebell. The technical skill needed to use them properly also helped shape kettlebells into a Russian national sport.

It wasn't long before the use of Russian kettlebells extended to other European nations. It slowly started acquiring popularity in different nations and finally reached the strands of America in the early 2000's. Since it has reached the United States, it has proceeded to rise in praise. More individuals are flipping to kettlebells from the more traditional bar bell weights employed in the United States. Not only are individuals adopting the kettlebells, but fitness communities, such as CrossFit, have begun to adopt them into their programs.

Kettlebells are so sought after because of their ultra productive methods. While they do bring many good results, they do have a high risk of injury. This is because of the actions are very specific and need to be undertaken with precision. Professional assistance should be required before starting a workout program that uses kettlebells so that the risk of injury is stopped as much as possible.

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