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A powerful technique to help you build a super-strong weight loss mind-set

By Toby Edge

I have previously looked at mind-set and specifically how your mind-set really determines your long term weight. It is your programming that leads to your beliefs, attitudes, feelings and therefore actions. Without the right actions, you'll never get the right result, so you need to start at the foundation - your subconscious programming or mind-set.

So how can this positive mind-set be achieved?

Well, a common technique that I often use with my own clients is known as 'self-talk'. You may well have heard of it in a sports capacity, but it can certainly be applied to weight loss with excellent results. Lets examine how this works.

As I mentioned previously, your programming comes from various sources, one of the most important of which is your own internal dialogue. So when you say to yourself 'I will never lose weight for good' or 'diets simply do not work for me' you are actually programming this into your subconscious and making it a reality. So what self talk will do is help you to change your inner dialogue so that you are creating positive, not negative programming.

So, what you need to do first of all is appraise your current self talk. To do this you have to simply note down everything that you say to yourself about your weight, dieting, and exercise. So, for example, if you hear you saying in your head 'this diet will never work', note that down. Do this for 3 days, noting down everything and a picture will appear.

After three days you should review what you have written into your log. Ask yourself this - are these the sorts of programs you really want to log into your subconscious. Remember these programs are kind of like orders, so you really want to be sending the right signals, right?

First up, look at all of the negative selk talk phrases you have written down and make them positive. Write down the exact opposite of what you have on the page. So, a phrase like 'I have eating healthily' will become 'I love eating healthily'. If you do that to all of your phrases you'll start to build a better picture of what you should be programming into your subconscious.

Ok so the next step is to read out these positive messages each day. In order to alter your programming you need to be consistent so read them each day, preferably in front of the mirror. Also, make sure that you speak the phrases out loud and with conviction. As you start doing this you will then begin to be able to actually 'edit' your own self talk as you say it. This will help to the long term changes in your programming that we are looking for.

This one technique can work wonders. If you use it effectively you will certainly start to build a much more solid weight loss foundation.

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