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Are You Currently a Yo-Yo Dieter?

By Jamison Gunner

Have you maybe been dieting your life? Have you perhaps gained and dropped pounds time and again? In that case, you are a yo-yo dieter. Yo-yo dieting or "cycling" is known as a big increase or decrease of body mass (generally 10 pounds or even more) that occurs multiples times. We've all seen it persist with celebrities. Kirstie Alley has gained and lost multiple times; Oprah has done it; Maureen "Marcia Brady" McCormick got even heavier after she was on "Celebrity Fit Club." It is an epidemic.

The statistics aren't good. There are numerous estimates that more than 80 % of individuals who have dropped pounds regain all of it, or more, after 24 months. Women who wish to slim down know these painful numbers all quite well.

Dieting is undoubtedly an emotional roller coaster. We happen to be so happy and very pleased with ourselves when we reduce weight, just to beat ourselves up after we gain it back later. Usually, the excess body fat is gained back as a consequence of life experiences which can include returning to school or a divorce, or maybe even raising a family. It occurs. Life seems to be in the way sometimes.

Besides emotional toll is a physical one. Simply not only is the unwanted pounds a health risk, but recent studies have connected the gain-lose-gain cycle to such potentially life-threatening situations for instance high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, depression, heart problem, and cancer.

Researchers have discovered that yo-yo dieting generally happens because people usually tend to get on really strict diets. Studies reported in the journal Obesity found that individuals who followed an extremely low-calorie diet regained significantly more weight than those on a more forgiving plan. You may lose weight on a 1200 calorie daily diet, however the minute you go to a 1300 calorie diet, you start gaining weight.

After you go on really strict diets and put on the excess body fat back quickly, you might actually lose muscle and put on fat. Then that would be whenever your metabolism starts operating slower and might cause it to be harder for you to shed pounds eventually.

Possibly the most dangerous thing about yo-yo dieting happens to be the effect is has upon the immunity system. According to the first research study of the long-term results of yo-yo dieting, women who repeatedly lost and gained weight had lower immunities, particularly lower counts of \"natural killer cells.\" These cells are what fight off infections and are generally mighty important in fighting the early stages of cancer.

So, once you start a diet plan, be sure that your weight loss ambitions is arguably one that one could tolerate. Don't think of it being a temporary situation, consider it your new standard practice. Be patient on your diet and don't make an attempt to drop a few pounds too rapidly. Also, you must tend to have a good support. Socialize with people with successfully lost weight. But remember to be flexible - in case you have a nasty day and ate something you know you should not have, it's okay to start again the following day. But don't forget to forgive yourself. Not anyone is a great one.

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