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Living With Sleep Apnea: It's The Story Of His Life

By Julius Z. Rogers

For everyone to write about in fact living with Sleep Apnea, they ought to have firsthand details. Just understanding an individual with Sleep Apnea does not allow an author to actually present a clear image of how they feel. So, I asked a guest writer who suffers with Sleep Apnea to write this write-up with us. I asked him to assist me describe to my readers just how it feels to be living with Sleep Apnea. This really is what he mentioned;

When I was 33 years old, I realized that I was feeling tired all of the time. It became really difficult for me to wake up inside the mornings and I by no means felt that I had a great night's sleep. I had gained 90 pounds previously three years and I believed that my concern was related towards the weight acquire. A couple of years past and I was tired each and every portion of the day. I could not get sufficient sleep to make me really feel rested.

One night, while I was sleeping, my wife awakened with a fright. She looked over at me and noticed that I was not breathing. She shook me and woke me up just adequate for me to start breathing once again. When she told me about this the next day, I believed that she had a poor dream and was just thinking that I was not breathing. To be honest, I believed that she had lost her thoughts. This continued and it began generating it hard for my wife to sleep with out fearing that I was going to cease breathing. Because I knew she was losing sleep over this, I decided to talk to my physician.

After getting a sleep study which necessary me to stay at the hospital overnight, the doctor told me that I was living with Sleep Apnea. This really is not news that any person actually desires to hear, but I was happy to have an answer. The cause that I was constantly tired was a direct result of the Sleep Apnea. With Sleep Apnea, I was losing oxygen and losing sleep. When they performed the study, they identified that I would stop breathing and right after a time frame, would take a gasp of air. Each time I took that deep breath, I was awakened sufficient to exactly where I had to go back to sleep. I did not don't forget waking up at any point within the night.

As it is possible to see living with Sleep Apnea isn't enjoyable. It is in fact quite scary to fall asleep at night knowing the risks. Having Sleep Apnea will adjust your life. You feel tired and week. You can find even occasions where you will fall asleep in meetings or although driving just because of the Sleep Apnea. I have been coping with this disorder for years now along with the only thing that has helped me make it through is my (CPAP) breathing machine. This machine assists me continue to breathe by forcing air by means of my nostrils. I know this sounds negative, but you must take it from somebody who has been there, I would rather use this machine than live using the feelings brought on by Sleep Apnea. In case you feel which you might suffer from Sleep Apnea, don't ignore the symptoms. Seek expert guidance.

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