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The Right Reasons to Use Sensa

By Jay Steiner

I've learned the hard way not to compare my body to other people's bodies, especially emaciated and surgically altered models who are further airbrushed into perfection. True beauty comes from within. If you are self-confident and comfortable with yourself, you will appear more attractive than people who are miserably comparing themselves to others.

Having grown up with a mother who obsessed constantly over her weight and made everyone around her miserable, I vowed that would like my body no matter how it changed, and change it did. Unfortunately, it seems I acquired a relentlessly high self-esteem when it comes to body image, so when increasing demands on my time meant more fast food and fewer trips to the gym, I was able to gain a whole lot of weight without thinking twice.

Looking like a fashion model is not my goal, but living a happy and healthy life is. Luckily my doctor intervened and told me that I needed to get my weight back down into the normal range. Thank goodness she did, because being overweight is directly related to the top killer diseases in the United States:

But I'm glad that my doctor finally did recommend weight loss for me. Being overweight can put you at risk for many different types of health problems. Let's consider just the top 4:

I see my doctor again in a year. Can I lose the 30 pounds (yikes) that she recommends in only one year? Turns out that is quite doable: barely more than half a pound a week. Losing weight slowly is also recommended to avoid the negative consequences, such as gall bladder disease, associated with crash diets). Losing this small amount of weight is something that most people can do with small changes in what they eat, and 30 minutes of daily exercise (which also boost your mood.) However, this can be hard for some people. Our slow economic recovery means that those of us who have jobs are working extra hours to cover for those who got laid off, or they are working multiple low paying jobs to make ends meet.

I have a whole year until my next annual check-up. Can I lose that 30 pounds in one year? That's barely more than half a pound a week (which, by the way, is considered a healthy amount to lose weight and avoid the gallbladder disease that can come with crash diets). This is something that most people can do with modest changes to diet and a little bit of extra exercise (which is good for you in many other ways too.) But this might very well not work for me. As I said, there have been increasing demands on my time. My job has me working more hours, and my teenager keeps me busy with all of her extra-curricular activities. Sadly, in what little time I have for myself, the thing I like to do most is eat. That's the Sensa diet plan makes the most sense for me. What is Sensa? Sensa is a diet plan created to help me get more satisfaction out of smaller amounts of food, so that I don't feel like I need to eat so much. I've read reviews on Sensa, and I am convinced that it is convenient and easy and doesn't require that I have to buy special foods or avoid restaurants: perfect for my increasingly busy life style.

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