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Weight Loss Can Be Fast And Permanent

By Russ Howe-Pti

If we had to write down the most frequently asked question our Fitness Instructors receive in the gym on a daily basis it would undoubtedly be folks asking how to lose weight quickly and keep it off forever. There are many myths surrounding this, so today we show you the facts on how to do it.

Face it, we all know at least one person who has been sucked in by the big claims of glossy magazines or supplement companies offering instant results. Maybe you have, too. People often get stuck in this vicious cycle, spending years looking for that expensive quick fix which doesn't exist. The truth is they could have achieved all of their desired goals within three to six months without spending a penny if they had just got out of that mentality and researched the following facts.

It's our job to get folks out of that mentality and ensure they stop believing that it's impossible to reach their target bodyweight. That false belief creates yo-yo dieters and they get nowhere. If you're ready to ditch that loser mentality, let's do that right now.

Personal trainer Russ Howe PTI explains how to lose weight effectively.

The following five rules will help you get started right away:

1) A calorie deficit is necessary to lose weight but it must be done correctly or it will not work. This means cutting your daily calories by around 100-200 per day until you reach your target number each day as opposed to suddenly dropping your food by 50% and hoping for the best. The former will increase weight loss and make your diet far easier to stick to, whereas the latter will force your body into starvation mode where it stores fat. That's right, drop your calories too drastically and you'll be storing more fat even though you are eating way less. This step is where so many 'yo-yo' dieters and celebrity magazine followers go wrong.

2) Consume more protein to hang on to your muscle. You may be thinking 'but I want to lose weight, not build muscle', right? The truth is no matter what your goal is you certainly don't want to be losing muscle. When you cut your calories your body will look to do this, combat it by increasing protein as you drop fats and carbs.

3) Protein has far less effect on the body's fat storage systems than both carbohydrates and fat. So when you fancy a snack it makes sense to first look at the available protein sources such as chicken or fish. This is also why protein shakes are increasingly popular.

4) Our favorite weight loss technique is tried, tested and endorsed by just about every personal trainer worth his salt. The next time you head off to work simply pack your bag with a few small containers alongside your lunch. These containers are snack boxes and should be only large enough to pack in a light meal of about fifty calories. This isn't enough to impact your overall diet, whereas it is enough to help you avoid the craving for the quick carbs and bad fats of the vending machine. There are fantastic long term weight loss results to be had here.

5) A day off is not just important, it's essential! For two reasons. Firstly you don't want to become so distanced from any bad calories that your body cannot process them the next time you need to grab some fast food or chocolate, and secondly you do not need to punish yourself for wanting a better body. Having a day off usually helps you avoid the common mistake of believing that all your favorite foods are bad and crashing off your diet in spectacular fashion after a couple of weeks.

Having one day off each week is a great way to reward and recharge yourself ahead of the next week and the fact is there is nothing wrong with this at all. You may take on board some bad foods, that's a given, but ultimately if it helps you to stick to your goal for ten times as long as you ever could before then there is no problem!

Always remember that losing weight gradually is far superior to losing weight drastically, because once it's off it will stay off. These five tips today will help you to begin enjoying those effects.

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