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What To Know About Medifast Review

By William Ray

In 1980, doctor William Vitale developed his company named Medifast. Headquarted in Maryland, the company is dedicated to the diet industry. Users interested in losing weight and dieting through the program should read all Medifast review information and consult a doctor before starting.

Medifast plan is similar to other soft diets with its menu that consists of bars, soups, shakes and other sides that can be paired together to create a diet for the day. There are more than 70 meal choices available through the plan, which are designed to satisfy numerous palates and stay within diet requirements. The company provides low glycemic, kosher, vegetarian and lactose-free diets and has plans available for the unique needs of diabetics, women and men.

Success rates of this diet plan are known to vary, as everyone is built differently. However, there have been clinical studies done that show success. The company website includes dozens of testimonials and the company touts that over 15,000 doctors have recommended this program to patients.

It is essential that people look over reviews to get an idea of what is expected during this process. There are cons and pros to be aware of before starting. In reviews, many people will leave information about their health problems, weight, age and results.

The company provides pre-packaged foods to the home of the users. These meals are convenient and come at a reasonable price. There is a large variety of food to choose from, which is beneficial for picky eaters or for those who dread the rigidness that often comes with diets. Exercise is also encouraged. Clinical studies have shown that participants can lose between two to five pounds per week, if they follow the plan correctly.

There are negatives to be aware of. Because this program involves lifestyle changes, particularly with diet, there is a likelihood that people will have difficulty transitioning. Furthermore, it can be difficult for people to return to a regular diet following Medifast. The plan encourages cutting carbs intake and a emphasizes a low-calorie diet, these changes can be difficult.

When looking through a Medifast review, keep in mind that the results will vary from person to person. This program is known to offer fast results, but every individual has different needs. Always consult with a doctor before making such a sudden change in diet or lifestyle. If necessary, tailor the plan so that it fits within your needs.

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