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How Kettlebell Exercises Can End In A Date

By Dutch Kiesecker

Whenever I go out for the weekend, I will happen to see many single people getting out on the town at their local ball. They want to look great, with some hope, they can meet the perfect person they desire. However, in reality dressing nice and drinking lost of alcohol won't really help you find the right girl. So sometimes I would go to some people and ask why they have not considered going to the gym. They consider it for a bit and then I suggest the perfect way to meet the right guy or girl is by starting some kettlebell exercises or undertaking an arts and crafts class?

Imagine, for a second, what it's like for a single person walking into a bar full of strangers. You don't know what you have in common with them - if you have a single thing in common to speak of at all, that is. It could be a daunting experience and at the end of the night, you haven't met anyone with long term potential or you spent all night nursing your drink all alone in the corner. You should have taken up ceramics or kettlebell training as a substitute.

When I offer these examples, I'm pulling them from off the top of my head. The reality is that, whether it's the kettlebell workout or a spinning class, the smoothie bar at the gym is still better than the local bar for meeting someone. Try to imagine not having to get all dressed up, but instead slipping into your gym gear and doing something that could be good for you and for your dating life. While it can be anyone's biggest fear that they're going to get hit on when they're trying to pump some iron or get in their cardio, if a person is open to it they could meet someone who shares their interests. Especially if you're taking a class at the gym, you're meeting a bunch of people who are interested in the same sort of things that you are. Plus, you don't have to worry that your prospective date is going to be a lazy couch potato because they're living the same active sort of life that you are.

If a step aerobics class or the kettlebell workout isn't for you, choose a class that truly interests you. If you like art, pick up a drawing or ceramics class. Maybe the live model in class will strike your fancy or you can easily meet a fellow fanatic of the arts. (Picture yourself reenacting that scene with Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze in Ghost.) If you're compelled in cooking (or can't cook for your life) look for a potential date in a cooking course and join over your love (or hatred) of a culinary arts.

Remember that chances are that you aren't going to discover the person you're going to marry in a dimly lit bar. Instead of being surrounded by the smells of a brewery floor and too much perfume, imagine being overloaded by the fragrances of something enticing at a cooking class. Instead of meeting someone whose judgment is damaged by one drink too many, meet someone to share your endorphin high after good workout. After all, if you're interested in cooking, art, or kettlebell training - isn't it ideal to find someone who shares that hobby?

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