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Kettlebells Exercises Used in CrossFit Games

By Rob Sutter

One of the newest tournaments to be featured on the ESPN networks is the CrossFit games. This is a tournament in which the CrossFit society tries to find the fittest man and woman in the world. It is a series of events that employs tools and exercises used in CrossFit training programs, among them runs, swims, pull-ups, pushups, free weights, kettlebells, etc. Kettlebell exercises have become an important part of this training.

CrossFit is one of the newest forms of exercise to be released on the world. CrossFit is a high intensity fitness regime that combines several training methods. CrossFitters, as they are called, use a variety of items to aid them in their training, ranging from the conventional to the somewhat unconventional. Some of the more unusual regimens to take up are kettlebell exercises. However, fitness authorities like Lorna will accentuate their benefits. CrossFit techniques rely on high intensity, accurate completion of the exercises. The training style also relies on consistently varying the types of exercises that are performed. This is where the various workout methods come into play.

Being adept in many different styles of exercise help keep each day different. These athletes want to be ready for anything that life may throw at them, so CrossFit is just the means to do it. They are not just bodybuilders, powerlifters, swimmers, and runners either. They are full body, entire athletes.

CrossFit athletes around the world train all year long to enter into preliminary tournaments and eventually reach the CrossFit games. To these athletes, CrossFit is not just a way to stay in shape; it is a sport and a lifestyle. The inclusive methods that CrossFit adopts also create an unknown feeling when going into these competitions. Each competitor must be ready for anything that the CrossFit Games committee decides to throw at them, and in any order.

One way to define the style in which CrossFit games are set up is to compare them to the design of a triathlon or decathlon. It is several events that any single athlete must complete in a certain succession. There are also certain rounds within the given competition day in which the athletes are commanded to complete sets of exercises a few times. The weight and repetition requirements of each set might vary each time the athlete returns to that exercise, but the exercise itself remains the same. The CrossFit Games, which are currently sponsored by Reebok, are a very arduous set of competitions that leave just a few men and women standing at the end.

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