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Cardio Workout Strategies As Shared By A Personal Trainer Newport Beach

By Michael Petry

A lot more people in Newport Beach are getting too conscious with the way they look, thus, many of them are desperate to lose weight and would invest on the best trainers just to help them in reaching their weight loss goals fast. A personal trainer Newport Beach has recommended aerobic fitness for those who are trying to lose excess weight. Cardio fitness helps in figuring out a person's level of physical endurance, thus, the higher your cardio level of fitness is, the longer you'll be able to exercise without feeling tired.

Aerobic Activities

One of the most recommended cardio exercises is aerobics. This exercise focuses on the heart and would pump out your heart rate as well as speed up your breathing. The activities would require doing repeated movements of the larger muscles in your body which will then promote the production of oxygen. It's also a good idea to integrate other activities with your aerobics, like cycling, jogging, walking, dancing or swimming. Doing at least half an hour of aerobic exercises a day is enough to improve your heart rate, according to a personal trainer Newport Beach.

The Target Heart Rate

The target heart rate is what a certain individual should achieve when doing cardio exercises. Therefore, make sure that you are within your target heart rate every time you do cardio exercises. One's target heart rate is determined by means of calculating 50 or 85 percent of the person's maximum heart rate, and then minus your current age. Ask help from a personal trainer Newport Beach to ensure that you are working within your target heart rate.

Working out within your target heart rate would ensure that you are not overworking your body. If you are starting a workout program, you should aim to work at the lowest range of your target heart rate. But with continued exercises, your level of cardio fitness will eventually improve and you will be able to exercise longer.

Change Your Regimen

In order to improve your cardio fitness, a personal trainer Newport Beach would suggest that you make some changes to your regimen. You can either increase the level of difficulty or perhaps increase the pace of your exercise routine. Changing your regimen helps to ensure that your body will not be accustomed to your usual workout exercises and you will be seeing any results as you progress. You can also lengthen the time of your workout or perhaps, increase the distance if you are jogging.

Consult Your Doctor

It is crucial that you see your physician before starting with any aerobic workouts. The physician could help to assess your level of fitness and is going to determine whether you are fit to do a certain cardio exercise or not. This is also very important if you have certain health problems most especially if it's something related to the heart and is suffering from cardiovascular diseases, hypertension or stroke.

For additional tips on cardio fitness, you better sign up with a personal trainer Newport Beach who'll teach you many of the most effective aerobic workouts.

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