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How To Tone The Back Of Your Arms

By Howe Russ

Most women would like to know how to tone their arms as fast as possible, particularly the back of the arm, so today you will find out. You'll also get a sample workout designed to hit the area in question.

Great results can be achieved in a relatively short time frame if you are smart with your actions, so don't be so quick to presume every short-term fitness concept is too good to be true. While you'll see thousands of people looking to learn things such as how to get a six pack in 3 minutes and it's easy to laugh at their longing for an instant solution to their problems, the truth is you can achieve fantastic results on any body part providing you train effectively in whatever time you have available for it.

For example, there are only 5 movements featured in this arm workout: [
Watch the workout showing how to tone your arms next.

* DB Front Raise

* Dumbbell Biceps Curl

* Rear Deltoid Flye

* DB Triceps Kickback

* Press-Ups with a close grip

All exercises are part of a circuit which needs to be worked through in one continuous set. Try your best to achieve eight reps on everything before stopping for a rest. That might not sound like very much, but it's actually 40 reps due to the fact there are five moves.

At the end of a circuit you can rest and grab a drink of water. Try to keep rest periods low as this will only enhance your results further and also introduce a fat burning aspect to the program. Aim for a one minute rest period at the end of each round and shoot for 4 rounds in total.

The main areas you'll hit with a workout of this type are the front and back of your shoulders, your biceps and your triceps. The triceps is the muscle which most women are concerned with as it's responsible for the problem many call 'jelly arm syndrome', where loose flabby skin hangs from the arm if it is elevated.

By targeting the muscles which surround the triceps you do two important things. First of all you eliminate the possibility of ending up with uneven, unbalanced arms which would occur if you focused all of your efforts on just training the back of your arms. Secondly, you strengthen the surrounding areas which in turn helps the triceps muscle even further.

You may be thinking of all the women you know who go to gyms and still suffer from this condition. How have they not achieved results if you can do it with as little as ten minutes per day? The fact is most girls are scared to use weights which actually challenge them. They believe myths about weights making you bulky, they stick to treadmills and elliptical trainers.

The reason a few women are able to get great results with weights while others struggle to see any improvement is because only a few are willing to put down the ridiculously light dumbbells and choose something which forces them to work hard to complete each set.

An effective arm session could have taken place in the time it has taken you to scroll through this article on how to tone your arms quickly. With as little as 10 minutes per day you will see noticeable changes within the first month if you are consistent with your efforts.

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