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Why The Rock Leg Workout Is Effective

By Russ Howe

At one stage or another, almost everybody who uses the gym has gone online in a bid to search out the workout program of their favorite celebrities. After all, if you're trying to learn how to build muscle you'll probably find it easier if your favorite movie star is teaching you, right? That's the theory many fitness enthusiasts have and one of the public figures who is usually at the forefront of this trend is wrestler and actor Dwayne Johnson.

Of course, there is a booming fitness career for celebrities who wish to latch on the next big thing or fad diet and sell dvd's to the masses. This means many of these plans are not effective. Johnson, however, is a guy who trains simply because he loves working out. One look at his lower body routine is enough to see this.

The Rock leg workout is something which is particularly eye catching.

Don't be fooled into thinking all of the results Dwayne Johnson has accomplished over the last year have been achieved in the gym, of course. There are several factors which have been put into place to ensure maximum results even before he steps foot in the gym and these are the areas many people overlook, such as diet and rest.
Discover how to build muscle with 5 simple rules.

Of course, two of the major factors behind the huge results are the intensity of each session and the nature of the exercises being performed. While sticking to old, proven movements such as Squats and Leg Curls, you will be able to adopt new techniques such as keeping minimal rest periods between sets, therefore increasing your fat loss results and stamina simultaneously.

Today's plan consists of just five exercises, which are as follows.

* Box Squats - Five sets of twenty five.

* Leg Press - 4 sets of 25, 20, 18 and 16 repetitions followed by a burnout set of 25.

* Smith Machine Lunges - Four sets of sixteen reps. That's eight on each leg.

* Lying Leg Curl - Like the Leg Press, this classic old machine is used for four sets of pyramid training. This time we have twelve, ten, eight and six repetitions in each set. Again, you should follow the final set with a burnout set of twelve.

* And finally, the Standing Calf Raise rounds out the session with six sets of 16 repetitions followed by a burnout of 20 after the final set.

To anybody who finds themselves constantly searching for the next big exercise to develop, this workout may look quite simple. This is a common mistake to make. While it certainly does stick to the basic movements, this actually works in your favor because those basics are still the optimal exercises for building a powerful lower body. Intensity is key here, keeping your rest periods as low as 30 seconds between sets will dramatically increase fat loss results.

Furthermore, there are two classic bodybuilding principles here which will ensure muscular hypertrophy is accelerated. Those are the pyramid and burnout principles.

A technique which is nowhere near as commonly used as it used to be, the pyramid system is designed to help you hit each different fiber in the targeted muscle. It does this by gradually lowering the repetitions in each set, allowing you to add more resistance every time you finish a set.

The burnout principle, on the other hand, is designed to take your target muscle to absolute failure. It involves finishing your final set then immediately placing a lower resistance on the bar and pushing out up to 20 reps.

While Dwayne Johnson has certainly accomplished some incredible results over the last year or so, his workout is incredibly basic. Yet one quick look at The Rock leg workout is enough to see where most people go wrong in the gym. Don't be fooled into thinking you can just perform the same exercises and experience the same results because the key factor in this plan is intensity. While you have probably performed every single exercise on this plan before, the real trick to getting results is the fact that legs are trained with the same intensity as upper body. As much as the probably don't like to admit it, this is something most men do not do.

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