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How To Get A Six Pack Without Thousands Of Crunches

By Howe Russ

As a fitness enthusiast, you have probably laughed to yourself whenever you have heard somebody asking their personal trainer how to get a six pack in 3 minutes or less. Lots of gym users are obsessed with finding the quickest way to get results and it rarely leads them to success. However, if you know how to create a good exercise program it is entirely possible to get results from very short abdominal workouts.

Whether you are a personal trainer, a gym coach or merely a fitness enthusiast who wants to get in better shape it is very likely that you have heard countless myths about the best approach to sculpt your midsection.

Some fitness enthusiasts forget that their abdominal muscles are quite small and don't need hours of intense training to develop. They often spend hour after hour performing crunches at home to no avail. The good news for those individuals is that a change of plan is called for. [
See how to get a six pack in 3 minutes with today\'s quick workout.

First, though, you need to take responsibility for your diet. If you neglect to watch what you are eating then you are waving goodbye to a lot of your potential success. It wouldn't make sense to learn how to structure an effective workout if you weren't planning to get your eating habits into line, too.

The main thing which needs to be cleared up when it comes to exercises is that there's not one definitive move for your midsection. There is no exercise which trumps everything else. The most effective way to develop a strong core and midsection is to combine the best moves for the major areas involved. See below:

1) Lower Stomach - Full Leg Raises.

2) Upper Stomach - Sit Ups.

3) Overall Core - Elevated Plank.

By performing exercises which cover all the main areas of the stomach, you will notice that you can enhance definition and strength without needing to perform hundreds of repetitions. For those who wish to up the difficulty level, they work well as a combined circuit plan.

Perform each exercise in order and without rest, spending just 30 seconds on each move before going on to the next section. If you can get through the circuit three times this would take just a matter of minutes, although most people can only manage twice for the first few months. This may seem easy given the short time involved, but it is definitely not. Turning this into a circuit will also improve fat loss.

Due to using a high intensity approach, this type of training greatly enhances fat loss benefits because it keeps your heart rate elevated throughout. While you may be focusing on hitting your abdominal muscles, your body is also focusing on burning off as much unwanted fat as it possibly can.

Usually, people believe you can learn how to get a six pack in 3 minutes by taking a miracle pill or having an operation. The truth is, however, you can achieve great results in very little time if you learn the basics of how to structure a good workout plan. You don't need a personal trainer and you don't even need gym equipment.

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