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Fat Burning Workouts You Can Do Without Equipment With Your Newport Beach Personal Trainer

By Michael Petry

Newport Beach is an excellent place to visit - wonderful beach and exciting nightlife. Looking positive is really a must for party goers and beach bums. If you're one of them, you may want to hire a Newport Beach personal trainer to look amazing in the all year round of beach parties and festivals.

Burn The Fat

This is probably one of the most searched topics in the internet. A lot of people try new ways of burning fat the easy way - even if you could actually do it in very simple routines.

To burn fat, you can begin by doing cardio exercises. It's mostly composed of repetitive movements that burn fat and develop muscles. If you live in a fast-paced city, you could still do cardio without compromising your busy work schedule. Your Newport Beach personal trainer can fix programs that suit your busy schedule.

Here are a few examples of cardio exercises that don't require equipment:

* Jumping Rope

This kind of exercise doesn't require a lot of space. If you live in a studio apartment, you don't have to worry about doing it. This is one of the most popular cardiovascular exercises used by professionals (boxers and MMA fighters) to stay fit.

Why is it very effective? This is because the movement involved in this exercise uses a large portion of your body muscles. With the repetitive movement, it burns a lot of calories - approximately 340 calories for 30 minutes.

* Jumping Jacks

If you don't have any equipment for cardio at home, this is one good cardio that you can do. It doesn't take a lot of space and you can do it any time. The longer you do this exercise, the better it can get.

* Jogging (In Place or Outside)

It must be great to have a park nearby your apartment where you can jog in the morning. On the other hand, jogging in place is a good routine replacement. It can be done without any equipment but it can be a little boring too. This is why your Newport Beach personal trainer suggests cardio circuits.

What Is A Cardio Circuit?

A cardio circuit is a series of cardiovascular activities done in a simultaneous order. It can be composed of beginner to experienced routines that may overlap each other. This is very effective since it can work out almost all body parts in a short period. With this, people with a busy schedule prefer cardio circuits over traditional gym routines.

If you prefer this sort of routine, your Newport Beach personal trainer is going to give you a set of cardio workouts that you'll perform in a simultaneous order. There are lots of ways to do this but this is a basic example of how a cardio circuit works.

* Warm Up (Stretching routines)

* Jumping Jack (10 - 30 seconds)

* Jumping Rope (1 - 5 minutes)

* Jogging in Place (2 - 3 minutes)

* Repeat the whole circuit for 5 times

* Cool Down (Stretching routines)

With cardio exercises without equipments, you can still get best results in the process. Asking your Newport Beach personal trainer about the most effective routines will help you a lot in achieving your objectives.

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