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Laser Hair Removal - Target Areas

By Arron Vepel

Using laser treatment for removing unwanted hair on the body or face is becoming more widely accepted in society as of late.

These are the areas of the body that laser hair removal treatments are usually targeted for:

Both men and women are using laser treatment methods to remove hair from the face. The unwanted hair that sometimes grows on the chin, sides of the face or above women's upper lips use this technique for removing this hair swiftly and easily. At times, there is some minor pain because of the delicate skin on the face, and this will last for several days. It takes approximately an hour for treatment, but usually it will be several of these before all of the unwanted hair can be completely removed. This is chosen by men for several reasons, including for those who do not wish to shave every day anymore, or for those who are afflicted with razor burn. Ears are another target area for men, as hair that grows here can be quickly and safely removed with laser treatment sessions.

Unwanted chest hair is another thing that some men are concerned with. Chest hair for men can be removed using laser treatment, leaving the area smooth and hairless. Men and some women also target their backs for hair removal. Hair on the back seems to be inclined to re-grow quickly, so this needs to be done with professional care. It typically takes between 50 to 60 minutes to perform laser hair removal on a back, but it's more effective than waxing methods. The amount of hair on the back is the deciding factor when it comes to the time taken, and the cost involved.

Hair in the underarm area is one of the causes of perspiration for both men and women. In most cases, underarm hair removal is permanent, and having it removed with laser takes typically under an hour's time. One hour's worth of underarm hair laser treatment can endure for the rest of the patient's life.

Bikini and leg hair are the other common areas for laser removal of hair treatment. Body hair in these areas is a big concern for those who wear bikinis and swimsuits. Women who have hair outside the bikini area sometimes just want this outer hair removed; there are also women who want the entire region free from hair. Brazilian treatment is what this is commonly called. The hair on the legs of both men and women are the easiest to remove and the procedure is quickest in this area. Some women specially prefer hair removal on their legs from the ankle to just above the knee.

Hair removal from certain parts of the body enhances one's looks. Hair removal in many regions on the body is becoming more widely accepted aesthetically. Before laser removal treatments, if someone wanted to remove unwanted hair, their only choices were waxing or shaving. These days, the fast, safe and inexpensive method of laser hair removal treatments is well known by the public.

When the hairs are light, the time it takes to remove them are lower and less sessions are required to achieve this than when hair is thicker. Hairs that are coarser and thicker typically will take more sessions and the duration of individual treatments will last longer, until the patient is satisfied.

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