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Look Younger, Fresher, and More Confident

By Elen Hanszen

We all want smooth, unblemished skin and this feeling increases as we grow old and start seeing signs of aging such as fine lines, wrinkles and age spots. As the signs of aging become more noticeable, a person can start to have less confidence in their appearance. If you too are worried about your skin condition and are looking for a reliable way to restore your skin then a skin peel could be your solution.

A good way to rejuvenate skin is the use of a chemical skin peel, to enable the skin to look younger. The prominence of wrinkles and lines on the face are less pronounced after a chemical peel. Fresher skin will be revealed underneath the peel, getting rid of dead cells and making skin look fresher and cleaner and of course, it will help make wrinkles less significant.

Freckles, age spots, and liver spots are reduced dramatically after a skin peel, this is a time tested process. Chemical peels will result in skin that is more smooth and bright, and will have a more youthful appearance. Acne can be a serious issue for some people, so a professional chemical skin peel; they can reduce the inflammation and pimples in acne sufferers.

While something like a skin product can take weeks on end of constant usage to see results, a chemical peel is something that is over with in several sessions, or just a one time sitting. Many plastic surgery solutions are permanent and more invasive for the patient, and a peel is nowhere close to that level. A typical skin collagen enhancing cream that can be purchased will usually have only a slight effect, but a chemical peels can have a dramatic effect that is long lasting.

A peel does what it sounds like; the outermost layers of facial skin are peeled away, promoting new skin growth, and showing the fresher, newer looking skin on top. New, blemish and wrinkle-free skin will cover up and reduce the look of wrinkles and other kinds of blemishes.

A superficial chemical peel is not painful and therefore no pain relief is needed before, during or after the procedure. Typically, the patient will return for more superficial chemical peel treatments every second week or once a week, for a total of about 6 times for optimal results. A peel has very minimal risk when it is more superficial. For a few days after a skin peel, the side effects are still noticeable. Although rare, hyperpigmentation has been known to be a side effect, and skin in some cases will appear to have a colour change. The capacity for skin to produce pigment is sometimes affected after a deeper skin peel.

Maintenance is required for all kinds of skin peels afterwards, by using moisturizer, and frequent cleaning that will make skin heal faster and more smoothly, and prevent problems such as infection. Daily sunscreen usage is something that a doctor will typically suggest in many cases, leading up to the peel.

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