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Lose the Wrinkles and Look Younger

By Anne Fennell

Cosmetic treatments have advanced tremendously in the recent years, particularly when it comes to the treatment for facial wrinkles. It appears that we now live in a society where face wrinkles place you in a category of being 'old', and with more and more people now on the search for younger looking skin.

But what do wrinkle treatments involve? There are a lot of choices in where to receive these procedures, but what should a person know when considering treatment? In this article, we will examine wrinkle treatments in more detail.

What goes along with receiving wrinkle treatments?

Toxins in the air are all around us, whether it comes from the exhaust from cars, the smoke from cigarettes, or the burning rays of the sun, skin takes it's share of damage and abuse. The skin forms these wrinkles that are seen on the face, and the more there is, the less attractive some people consider you to be, unfortunately.

Wrinkle treatments are aimed at removal of wrinkles using a certain toxin called botulinum toxin. Other treatments can include chemical peels, laser treatments and even just plain old skin creams. While all of these are often used, it appears that botox injections are now becoming more and more popular. There are those who use less effective products such as anti-wrinkle creams that have expensive ad campaigns backing them.

What treatments make the most difference?

This is a matter of debate right now, there is no definite answer. Depending on the patient and the type of wrinkles on their face, a treatment that will help them best will be determined and administered. Dermal fillers such as botox injections are known to be effective in this, according to the information accumulated, and they seem to be favored by many.

What is the average length of the effects?

The effects correlate to the particular treatment that is provided. The limited effects of a product like a skin cream will last for a brief period, but generally it isn't all that effective even when used frequently. More advanced treatments such as dermal fillers and botox injections can last a few months.

Cost and cost efficiency

Treatment of facial wrinkles is not cheap. Skin rejuvenation treatments such as botox injections, and other specialized processes can cost as much as $3000 or more, or be somewhere closer to $300, it really depends on the provider. Creams are obviously a lot cheaper but require more regular application, meaning they need to be purchased a lot more often. Treatments over time can be more closely examined, and the cost effectiveness of each one can be determined. Overall however, it may be that botox injections and dermal fillers are the most cost effective amongst all the treatments available for face wrinkles. CO2 lasers are touted by certain physicians as being the treatments that are most cost effective.

Downtime following procedures

Skin creams for wrinkles have no downtime whatsoever. Of all the treatments on the market, microdermabrasion is looking to be the most speedy recovery when treating wrinkles. Having said that, this does not make microdermabrasion the best treatment as multiple treatments are required that can be rather uncomfortable to the patient.


A wide variety of treatments exist when it comes to facial wrinkle reduction processes. Each of them has their own upsides and downsides. The ultimate choice will depend on the patient, what they can afford, what they are prepared to undergo and the experience of the treating healthcare professional.

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