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Saffron Extract Reviews - Is it worth the money?

By Landon Harrison

Saffron Extract Select is the better choice in order to lose weight and it has a money back guarantee because we are certain that you will lose weight or your cash back.

Saffron is a plant. The dried stigmas (thread-like areas of the flower) are utilized to make saffron spice. Normally it takes 75,000 saffron blossoms to produce a single pound of saffron spice.

Saffron is actually cultivated and harvested manually. As a result of level of labor connected with harvesting, saffron is considered one of many world's priciest spices.

The stigmas are also used to make medicine. One of the ways to fight obesity is thru the development of diet pills.

Appetite suppressants like the saffron extract Satiereal is alleged to put a stop to what is called "emotional eating."

Overeating is where under times of stress or low energy, folks have a tendency to snack on comfort foods, which possibly enhances the hormone serotonin that fires in the pleasure center in the brain.

The saffron extract Satierial is assumed to suppress appetite by listed serotonin levels and thereby making individuals not as likely to feel the need to snack to be able to feel better.

Saffron Extract Clinical Study Results

At the conclusion of the study period, 60 participants-31 receiving the extract, 29 receiving the placebo-successfully completed all tasks in addition to their data were statistically analyzed.

One participant from the placebo group exited the analysis prematurely and her data wasn't utilized in the analysis.

What the researchers found was that inside a group by group comparison inside first two weeks of the study, the Satiereal group begun to show statistically significant weight loss as being a group as compared to the placebo group.

Furthermore, the weight loss trend for that Satiereal group continued through the remainder of the 8-week period. No adverse effects except for a couple of complaints of minor digestive disorders were reported.

The baseline snacking behavior of all the participants at the outset of the study was approximately one snack daily. At the conclusion of the 8-week study, the Satiereal group demonstrated statistically significant reduction in snacking beginning with week 4 in the study that continued from the study, whereas the placebo group showed merely a one-time statistically significant reduction in snacking at week 6.

After the 8th week, the Satiereal group participants were snacking most around they had at the beginning of the analysis.

However, although the Satiereal group showed statistically significant weight loss as opposed to placebo group, the actual pounds lost involves approximately 2 pounds per participant for your Satiereal group.

The study's findings are therefore significantly dissimilar to televised claims that taking Satiereal may cause weight loss of 1 pound each day. If this is exactly the same study that televised claims are talking about, then the claims are misleading.

Furthermore, the authors explain that their data cannot be predictive of what might exist in the event the test subjects were obese as opposed to mildly overweight-a point that sellers of Satiereal don't address.

The authors with the paper suggest that the most significant result of their study is the Satiereal extract does in some manner cause a significant decrease in snacking behavior by inducing feelings of satiation, which they believe can bring about eventual weight loss as being a supplement to a weight loss program and/or diet.

In addition they believe that their data demonstrates the audience consuming the Satiereal extract had a markedly enhanced mood inside the placebo group. The authors with the paper report that the actual mechanism where Satiereal acts happens to be speculative plus demand for further study.

To sum up, the available scientific evidence seems to show that as the saffron extract appetite suppressant Satiereal comes with some benefits that could lead to weight loss, they are not as pronounced as some would have you believe that Satiereal is a miracle diet pill for weight loss.

Repeated (cut and pasted) online reports of the 2006 clinical study claiming that the very similar study on the one described led to an average weight loss of approximately 3 pounds in 4 weeks has not been recognized as of yet.

It is possible that a trial did occur and that the results are unpublished in the scientific journal, but it would be nice to learn where these claims of support are originating from.

The authors with the described study make no mention of this mysterious 2006 study or include it of their reference list.

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