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Taking Care of Acne

By Sara Baranour

Adult acne can be a frustrating and embarrassing problem to have, regardless what you want to call it. Some people don't go through a teenage spotty phase before they are affected by painful adult acne.

Adult acne requires a different approach to treatment because it is different from teenage acne. The lower half of the face is usually where adult acne appears; teen acne is normally on the upper face. Adult acne comes up under the skin, which can't be drained; it is deeper and appears as a cyst.

From where does this acne appear?

An acne occurs when sebum, the skin's natural moisturizing lubricant, is trapped in a hair follicle under dead skin cells and debris. Normally, sebum conditions the skin when it rises to the surface. If it gets trapped, the sebum clogs the pore, creating an ideal environment for bacteria to grow. This causes whiteheads and blackheads, inflammation, cyst, and pustules. These can erupt, creating stretched large pores, unsightly scars and even post-inflammatory pigmentation, if left untreated.

To achieve a new equilibrium for the skin to maintain its own healthy, breakout-free appearance without harsh chemicals and irritants, and treat adult acne effectively, we have to look at addressing the internal causes of acne and have a long term approach using appropriate skin treatments and skin care.

Treating acne will be easier if you follow these recommendations:

Any excess burden on the digestive tract or immune system can contribute to inflammation and toxicity in the system, worsening acne, so you should check for food intolerances first. Skin is the largest organ of elimination, so any toxins that aren't eliminated properly through the bowel can cause congestion and oxidation in the skin.

Specify your needs and implement a supplement plan according to your nutritional deficiencies. Nutrient rich, high fiber foods, fruits and vegetables, and essential fatty acids should be part of your daily diet. Supplements like Vitamin A, C, and E complex support your system: these nutrients are antioxidants specific for skin health that help repair skin and balance hormones, increase elasticity and hydration, reduce inflammation, balance oxidation in the skin, and support collagen production.

Skin health requires a balanced, anti-inflammatory diet rich in nutrient dense foods. This helps to maintain healthy insulin levels, restore acid/alkaline balance, improve digestion and elimination, support a normal hormone profile. Plant based foods, lean protein, essential fatty acids, and fiber rich complex carbohydrates make up the basic diet for acne.

Addressing the root causes of acne will help you achieve an acne free complexion.

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