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The Rise of Non-Invasive Procedures

By Brentz Walker

The stats show that there has been an overall increase in patients opting for non-invasive procedures. Less invasive types of cosmetic processes are more popular lately, although tummy tucks and breast augmentations show no signs of slowing down. In cosmetic surgery, non-invasive procedures are typically performed via injection or laser. There are many causes of the acceleration.

After cosmetic surgery, you have 2 options really. You can hide away till the healing is done. Or, your second option is that someone you know will see you in the healing process with a bruise, a bandage or some other sign. Trying to keep it completely secret will not always work out.

When a non-invasive procedure is done with expert care, usually no one can notice it afterward. Sometimes people may sense something has changed about you, but can't quite pinpoint what it is. It is a great reason to choose a more discrete and non-invasive procedure.

Most of us do not have time to recuperate in private. A non-invasive procedure can be done on Friday, and Monday morning, the patient can return to work, and this is a huge advantage. In fact, the convenience factor is huge when comparing non-invasive procedures to standard cosmetic surgeries. Women or men can go and have a Botox treatment in the time off for lunch break, this makes is a popular choice. A laser treatment on your day off is always a better use of your time than taking several vacation days to recuperate from a physically exhausting surgical procedure.

One can not have any procedure done without a measure of risk, even if it's tiny. The general anesthesia is the greatest possible risk involved in the process. Adverse reactions have been known to happen, and at times, they can be more severe. Waivers need to be signed when this is used. Other non-invasive options are available that can happen in an office environment, are much safer than surgeries that need general anesthesia.

Because of a variety of factors, including the fact that there seems to be a recession going on, non-invasive procedures have been going up, and more serious cosmetic surgeries are going down. Basically, it's cheaper to have a non-invasive procedure. In most cases, a health plan will not pay for a cosmetic procedure; as these are elective surgeries. Saving money to have a cosmetic procedure sometimes gets left behind when other more pressing financial concerns are coming forth.

On the other hand, having a non-invasive procedure will cost much less. A treatment of a Botox injection will be about ten minutes long, but often it makes the patient as satisfied as a more expensive face lift. Non-invasive procedures are a great, inexpensive solution in a tough economy.

The results of many non-invasive procedures are just as stunning as their surgical counterparts. A natural, more youthful appearance is usually the desired result of any procedure. Whether you want to erase that frown line on your forehead or just add a little extra hair up there, non-invasive procedures can provide wonderful results. General anesthesia is not required, they can be fast, even only ten minutes, and non-invasive procedures have a minimal risk involved. Many times you can even return to work. For those who weigh the pros and cons, many decide that the better price, the faster healing, and the desired results can be achieved by non-invasive means. These are some of the reasons that non-invasive procedures are on the rise at this time.

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