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Weight Loss For Men Over 40 Is Essential

By Norman Torres

Weight loss for men over 40 is very important. It is very difficult to lose fat because it is deposited around the midriff and it has the persistence of super glue. If effective steps are not taken it hangs about like an unwanted guest making one less attractive or even repulsive to the opposite sex. As it repels the girls so it attracts unwelcome things like diabetes and heart disease, leading to an early death.

There is a plethora of articles, books and website that give advice in this topic. A survey of the many different strategies reveals certain important points that come up repeatedly and are therefore most likely to be effective because they are widely acknowledged. Diet and exercise are among these oft mentioned strategies.

One group of strategies have in common the submission of the individual to a procedure which removes from him most of the responsibility for the desired end. Surgical procedures are perhaps the most obvious of these. Liposuction and stomach reduction seem to be extremely expensive and invasive solutions and are probably most used when things have got badly out of control.

For those tackling the problem themselves a diet plan is essential. It does not require much expertise to pick up from the the information on labels and pamphlets that junk foods, fats and processed foods should be avoided, or that portion sizes should be cut down to about one fifth of what one has been used to. The problem lies in finding the will power to break habits that have been ingrained forty years or more.

Exercise is the other essential. Young people have time for exercise but those over forty are often immersed in careers and loaded with domestic responsibilities involving children to be fed and clothed. Probably two hours of good exercise is needed every day but days can come and go in which there is no time at all for exercise. As a body begins to deteriorate the inclination to exercise may fade away and it is easy to slip into sedentary ways.

Tantalizingly, diet and exercise seem to be sure but elusive remedies. Lack of will power, lack of time and competing priorities can combine to confound the best intentions. It becomes apparent that success may require an holistic approach. By changing a whole lifestyle it may be possible get the reading on the bathroom scale to start dropping. Exercise can be increased by adjusting work routines, for example by walking up stairs instead of taking a lift. It is also possible, through mental discipline to begin enjoying smaller portions and drinking water instead of whiskey.

The solution seems to be half in common sense steps and half in the will power required to implement them. Either half may be neglected and negate the good effects of the other. Mental and physical discipline must be sustained for lengthy periods before the scale reading will begin to drop.

One peculiarity of human behavior is that when people pay for something they treat it with great respect. Thus, clients who pay a doctor high fees treat him with much more respect than clients who pay no fees at all. Because of this peculiarity it could pay well for a man to pay for an expensive online weight loss for men over forty program. Having paid he for it he may have the will to follow it enthusiastically and perseveringly.

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