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Which Treatment is Best for Wrinkles?

By Therese Goodwint

Inevitably, wrinkles begin to appear on our faces and it's safe to say that no one likes that fact. Wrinkles tend to bring sadness because of the way society looks at those who are older, and values youth so much. As we get older, there are many things that actually promote wrinkle development in our active worlds, and stress can be a big factor, as well as pollution.

Science plays a big role in the new techniques to help women and men to minimize the effects that we have from aging. Injectable solutions such as fillers can have meaningful effects on those who would like some rejuvenation, and these are readily available.

There is no lack of choice for techniques in today's market for those who want a more youthful appearance. Both fillers and injectable treatments have gained popularity with both the sexes and it has become more of a personal preferences which one to go for. A filler and an injectable treatment are not the same thing, there are notable differences.

Knowing the differences between fillers and the injectable treatments will help you decide the better choice for yourself. The most common injectables are Botox and Restylane. These are injected into the skin and they numb the specific area. The muscles in that region will become numb and will reduce wrinkles by flexing those muscles. It's only a few minutes long for treatment, much quicker than most expect. Right away ehe effects of the treatment will be seen and they last for months, from 4 to 6 months typically. Some slight pain will happen for a brief moment during the procedure that used ultra fine needles, and no anesthesia is needed.

The number one injectable of choice is Botox. In the regions where there are lines or creases in the brows, eye area crow's feet, neck creases and frown lines, this purified protein can be injected and will make these problem issues much less noticeable. Muscle sensation will reappear when the Botox injection starts to fade in time, and the lines on the face will begin to come back. Having a treatment such as this poses no risk to a patient.

Restylane works well on the deep wrinkles that are stubborn as well. It is a gel like formula that is injected in the dermis layers of the skin and the results received are excellent. The most prominent ingredient in Restylane is hyaluronic acid, and this is a natural substance inside people's bodies. This works well on the area like the frown lines on the forehead, crow's feet, laugh lines and the deep creases in the neck.

Using a dermal filler to make lips fuller is the most effective way. The benefits from these fillers are huge, but to maintenance will be needed in order to have the effect be ongoing because the results will diminish eventually.

A minor side effect from treatment will be slight swelling and redness, but hours later they go away and any bruising will be gone in several days time. There is no downtime of these treatments and you can resume your normal life right after they are done. The cost of the treatment will depend upon a number of factors, though both the processes are temporary and maintenance is recommended every 4-6 months.

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