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Why Beauty Matters

By Alistair Nole

These days, it's more accepted that certain signs of aging are best treated in consultation with a cosmetic surgeon, such as wrinkles or a loss of elasticity in the skin. Proper treatment can provide the right course of action to get the results you want in targeting excessive skin or a loss of collagen in certain parts of the face. In the past ten years, there has been dramatic growth in the number of treatment options available, and they are becoming even more popular. So what are some of roots of the motivation people have nowadays to get treatments done?

Self esteem is certainly at the heart of many people's decision to seek treatments. A confidence boost and less self-consciousness are what some look for. For example, one may see their nose as large or conspicuous. Whether true or not, if one believes this to be true, the perception can create the reality and cause discomfort and anxiety. For some who work very hard through diet, exercise, makeup, clothes, etc, to look their best, a problem or flaw that they can improve upon, or an area that they would like to make just a bit better can be quite important. This becomes even more important when it is linked to sexuality.

A person's sense of improvement in quality of life or work can actually be the end result of a change. This can include things like wearing the bathing suits and clothes you want to wear. Or you like going to the beach and would like to feel good about the body that you have. Maybe you have a very public job or deal with the public a lot. The decision is affected by all these considerations.

Vanity, which can be closely connected with self esteem, is one of the top motivators. Wanting to regain a lost positive attribute is only natural. For example, my lips always had volume but now... , I always had a nice figure but now.... Having good positive reinforcement over the years and losing that attribute can be like losing one's self-identity.

It's completely normal to want to slow down, reverse or turn back those effects of aging that start to show up, or have been creeping up for some time. Moreover, wanting to alter or improve a feature that you have always disliked is equally natural. This can develop with age -- when you were younger, you thought about it a lot and after much reflection, realize it absolutely is something you want to improve.

Certainly, health reasons are another motivating factor. Any mother can get depressed by the various unpleasant postpartum changes to the body. A real, tangible benefit is correcting post-weight loss body changes. Relief of physical factors or symptoms could be needed too. For example, a breast reduction could alleviate chronic recurrent headaches, neck strain, lower back pain, shoulder notching, numbing or tingling in the hands due to nerve stretch-- all of these are associated with mammary hypertrophy--or excessively large, heavy, dense breasts. Most of these problems are totally fixed by a procedure to reduce breast size.

Dramatic life changes can also be a big motivator. Sometimes people feel like their divorce shows on their face, or that their work or other substantial stresses of life have aged them. Whatever the reasons, there are clear, safe and affordable options available for anyone looking to make those changes or small corrections.

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