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2 Basic But Effective Beginner Workouts With The Newport Beach Personal Trainer

By Brandon Watkins

Newport is an awesome place to visit primarily for beach activities. For a number of decades now, many people visit this place to have some fun under the sun. If you are planning to look your best in Newport's all-year-round beach season, you might want to check out a Newport Beach personal trainer to help you.

As a beginner, there are basic workouts that could create best results.


You may have hated this routine in your physical education class, but this is absolutely one of the most powerful exercises you can do. It's simple, but it does target core parts that affect your form and overall strength. The truth is, UFC fighters use the combination of squats and weights to get their A-game take downs. To make the most out of this routine, your form is extremely important.

If you are a beginner, your Newport Beach personal trainer will most likely advise air squats. This is a form of squat where no weight lifting is required. This lessens the tendency of injuries especially for beginners who are still starting to learn the correct form the routine.

How to do an air squat:

* Place your feet on the ground at about shoulder-width apart. Make sure that the pressure placed on each foot is equal.

* Point your feet in a slightly outward direction; not parallel nor intersecting one another.

* Your knees should not extend past the toes. This may injure you in the process.

* Keep your face straight ahead. Your form must be like you are going to sit on a chair.

* When doing the squat, you need to tighten up your body.

* Lower your body in a slow manner. Do it till your thighs become parallel to the floor. To help keep the balance, extend your arms.

* Finally, lift your body back to the original position. Again, do it slowly.

Bench Presses

For upper body strength, the most basic exercise your Newport Beach personal trainer will give you is the bench press. If you want to remove flabby arms or build up your chest, this is the best exercise for beginners like you. It's very simple but targets the key muscles on your upper body part.

Since the bench press involves weight lifting, you trainer is going to ask you about the weight that you're most comfortable with. It is not a good thing to lift something you can't effectively use since it might rip your muscles up and cause injuries. You'll probably do it in a gym where proper equipments for the routine can be found.

How to do a basic bench press:

* Grip the bar firmly in the routine. This raises the tension in your lower arms, chest, as well as upper back that makes the routine more effective.

* Make sure that your chest is up throughout the routine.

* Your elbows should be tucked roughly 45 degrees from your side.

* Your Newport Beach personal trainer is going to help you as you lift the weight. Take a deep breath and hold it.

* As you lift the weight down to your chest, your back, hips, glutes, and legs should be tight.

* When raising the weight, your feet should be planted on the ground.

As a beginner, simple steps are very important. Remember the things your Newport Beach personal trainer tells you especially about the forms in doing the 2 basic exercises.

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