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A Low Key Approach To Botox

By Denise Sendora

When it comes to enhancing the cosmetic appearance of the skin, botox injections have become an everyday treatment. As a safe and effective treatment, more and more people also choose it because it is so affordable. However, there still appears to be a small amount of 'stigma' attached to botox injections as the change is visibly evident, making it fairly obvious to everyone if a person has had botox treatment.

These days however, discreet or 'baby' botox injections are available. Here we shall take a look at this briefly.

What is baby botox?

While reaping the benefits of botox treatment on their lines and wrinkles, people who undergo botox injection treatments prefer to preserve their natural look. Some people think current botox treatments can look unnatural, as they are aimed at getting rid of almost all lines and wrinkles on the face. Baby botox is a way of treating some lines and wrinkles, and maintaining some of the lines that come with a person's natural expressions.

What is baby botox treatment targeted at?

In most cases, baby botox treatments are directed at treating crow's feet (fine lines and wrinkles seen at the corner of the eyes), frown lines and a few wrinkles on the forehead. Areas that are not injected include those such as under the eyes. The eyebrow may also be injected to help open up the eyes a bit more, and this can have remarkable effects on overall appearance of the patient. In short, strategically placed treatments offer all the benefits of botox, but by targeting only certain areas of the face the natural look is preserved.


Patients report a significant improvement in their look and feel a lot younger following baby botox treatments, as is the case with botox injections. As their natural look is preserved because some common wrinkles are still present, confidence levels are also a lot higher.

Baby botox injection risks

The nature of the injection given does not change, so the risks with baby botox injections are the same as the ones seen with regular botox. At the site of injection, patients report mild bruising and bleeding, but this resolves spontaneously without scarring the skin. The procedure is performed under sterile conditions, so infections are rare. Allergic reactions may occur to components within the botox injection but these are rare and there are hardly any reported cases of severe reactions.


Because it preserves the patient's natural look, while getting rid of most of the fine wrinkles on the face, baby botox is becoming more and more popular. No doubt many patients may prefer this treament in future.

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