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Selecting a perfect bed mattress for the newly wedded husband and wife

By George Dodson

A big chunk of marital issues can either be created or resolved in the bedroom. It would naturally help in to make the couple happy in each other's company every day with a comfortable bedroom. Once you have bought the right furniture, beddings and 'feng shuied' your bed room, you need to think about getting the right mattress as you begin your journey into life, as newlyweds. Here are some tips on how to choose a mattress for newlyweds:

Your Weight

There are different types of mattresses built to cater for different types of body weight. For persons who are having a slim frame, the regular model of bed will suffice. However, these types of beds will not be suitable for those couples in which one or either of the persons are heavily built. In these cases, it would be better to go for larger beds such as queen or king sized ones.

Physical Limitations

If both or one of the partners has a handicap, they will require more space to create room for any specials equipment. Under such circumstances, a queen or king sized mattress is always the best option.

The Level of Intimacy Required

As a newly wed couple, you are more than likely to snuggle close to each other or sleep in each other arms. While sleeping on a full mattress, you and your spouse can enjoy each others embrace, creating a more passionate and intimate relationship in the process. However, there are couples who want to have their individual space while sleeping and for them the King or Queen beds would be the ideal one.

Sleeping Positions

People have different sleeping positions, which according to psychologists will tend to indicate an individual's personality. For instance, some people like to sleep in a fetal, log, soldier, yearner, starfish and free faller position. One of the worst things you can do to your partner is to try to amend their sleeping habits. It is important to remember that your partner has developed that sleeping position over along period of time. For the harmony in marriage it would be ideal not to attempt to alter the partners sleeping positions. The best approach is simply to accommodate for each others patterns, by getting the type of mattress that accommodates both of your sleeping patterns.

No matter what type or size of mattress you choose for your marital bed, you should learn to compromise on each tastes and preferences. So don't go shopping and pick your bedding based on mattress deals. Consider the best compromise for you and your partner. This would ensure a happily married life.

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