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Stop Your Caffeine After 3pm As Part of Your Weight Loss Strategy

By Alan Taylor

Here are two rules on weight loss through drinking more water and restricting your caffeine to the morning.

No caffeine after 3pm. Let's be clear that Caffeine is a type of stimulant. Most of us want to kick-start our day with a strong tea or coffee. But moderation is the key. One proven fact is that caffeine de-hydrates your body faster. So, just as with any alcohol that you are tempted to drink, try to always drink two full glasses of water, for every cup of strong tea or coffee that you consume. Another proven effect of caffeine is to stimulate insulin production, so that your system is then working over-time to process your blood sugar and get needed glycogen into your muscles. But it takes the unused glycogen out of your muscles much faster too. So you will feel hungrier, much faster. The more coffee you have in the morning, then the worse will be your hunger before lunch. And the bigger the temptation to load up your lunch, over the threshold fist size for disciplined dieters.

So cut back on the coffee and keep some organic nuts handy, if you are feeling that 11am blood sugar low. There are some who also say that a little caffeine in your system can aid the fat-burning process during training. But even if you have an evening training ride or race, do not have normal tea or coffee after 3pm, or there will be too much caffeine in your system - and your sleep is likely to be affected. Late afternoon, just try to drink organic fresh mint tea, or lemon and ginger. Avoid Earl Grey, which can also be too high in caffeine. Then in the evening, make your own fresh mint tea in a pot (you can buy the leaves, fresh growing in a pot from any supermarket). Camomile tea is also good for relaxing your body and mind, particularly after evening training, again to suppress appetite. But only one cup is recommended, even then only if you are not under any other sort of prescribed medication or anti-depressants. Please take medically qualified advice if you have any concerns.

When possible, drink a half litre of water every half an hour. Water is absolutely essential during a fat-burning regime and so good for you to detox your system. Obviously this may not be possible if you are travelling, or unable to get to a bathroom in close proximity. But when you are able to have a fixed day working at home, or in your office, just get into the habit of sipping on water. Keep a glass of tap water continually topped up. Plus, unless you have any concerns about acidity, keep a few slices of lemon or lime in your water glass too. Plus add a few extra squeezes of the fresh lemon juice. As well as giving you an essential pampering of your very precious and beloved liver, this water concentration can act as mild appetite suppressant. You have to really concentrate to keep this intake going. But try to do it at least three days per week. Again, don't go crazy. Never go over about five litres a day, if you have any sort of concerns, or history with kidney or bladder problems. It will really help you forget about the taste of your favourite alcoholic drinks too.

Water really does have major benefits.

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