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3 Reasons Why Intermittent Fasting Works For Weight Loss

By Tom Taylor

Fasting for weight loss is not a new concept.

Experts have been debating the benefits of fasting for years.

There are different types of fasting techniques but one that is pretty popular is intermittent fasting.

This fasting technique allows you to consume a normal diet on non fast days. This fast can be structured in a variety of ways. One of the more common structures is eating normal calorie amounts for 5 days and restricting calories for 2 days.

Listed below are three examples of how this method of fasting can improve your health and slim your waistline.

Calorie Reduction

One reason fasting for weight loss works is because it cuts down on the amount of calories you are consuming since you are taking in very little if any calories during fasting periods.

Cutting calories in this way will promote healthy weight loss.

No Calorie Counting

Intermittent fasting is very different from a traditional diet plan because you can eat what you want the days you are not fasting.

Fasting works well because it does not require a major shift in the way you eat. Instead, you are allowed to eat the things you want except on the days you fast and typically drink water, teas and other low calorie drinks.

Fasting works well because you do not feel like you are on a rigid diet plan where you are constantly depriving yourself of the things you enjoy.

Improved Health And Longevity

Intermittent fasting has a number of other health benefits which include, lowering blood pressure and cholesterol, regulating blood sugar and reducing the risk of alzheimer's disease.

It has also been shown to improve mental alertness and boost metabolism.

To improve your results add an exercise program to your routine.

Working out three to five days a week is ideal.

While fasting, it is recommended that you eat a diet containing fruits, vegetables and lean proteins.

In addition to eating healthy, it is vital that you drink between eight and ten glasses of water each day. Water is necessary to quickly remove toxins and wastes through your body.

Fasting for weight loss can produce positive results when used on a regular basis. If you are thinking about using fasting as a way to lose weight, you should check with your physician before beginning to make sure your current health can support fasting as a way of life.

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