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Debunking Muscle Building Myths

By Russ Hollywood

Learning how to build muscle can be very confusing. Today we will reveal the top myths and help you to debunk them in double quick time. Are you ready to get started?

Should women lift weights? Are supplements good or bad for you in the long-term? These are all questions which will be answered for you. Sadly, many people get so lost in all of the myths out there that they convince themselves building a better body is too confusing for them to succeed. That needn't be the case.

If your goal is to build lean muscle and obtain a toned physique you can begin by getting rid of some of the most popular fitness myths which stand in your way. These myths prevent thousands of potentially great physical specimens from reaching their goals and can be rectified very easily. [
If you don't know how to build muscle today's interview will assist you a lot.

1) Should females do resistance training?

This is a commonly asked question and dates back over 30 years. Resistance training is perfectly safe for females, but most are terrified by old myths that they will get big and bulky. Females do not have the necessary testosterone levels to achieve such growth, so fearing it doesn't make sense. If you want to get the type of body displayed by Jessica Ennis and other Olympic athletes in London last year then resistance training is crucial.

2) Do you need to use supplements?

Too many people get caught up in the hype surrounding the latest supplements and they place far too much importance on them. You'll see them in the gym after a workout, acting as if they can 'feel it going into their muscles'. They're looking for a miracle product, which does not exist. Prioritize your diet and workout program, then use supplements as an added benefit to push results further.

3) Which workout frequency is best for results?

Everybody is different so there are two different answers to this question. If you are just starting out in the gym you are able to experience great results if you tailor your training correctly. Try to stick to the basic moves, we call them compound exercises, and train your full body in each session. You'll get great results with 2-3 days per week on the weights. After a few months of training, however, your body will adapt and you'll need to shake things up. This is the stage where you should implement a split routine, training 3-4 times per week and hitting just one or two muscle groups in each workout.

4) Is diet crucial to success or not?

If you diet but you don't train, you will find it more difficult to lose body fat and you'll struggle to look any better. If you train but don't diet, you'll enjoy your time in the gym but never see the results your hard efforts deserve because you'll always have stubborn layers of fat covering them up. It's a partnership, not a competition. One aspect is not more important than the other.

5) How do you know your calorie intake is correct?

Most of us don't know whether we are eating the right amount of calories during the course of an average day. In fact, there are many people out there consuming nowhere near enough. Take your target body weight (in pounds) and multiply by 15.

Many people continue to buy into these myths on a daily basis and it's not uncommon to see folks who believe all of the things we have shown you today, despite the mountains of proof which is widely available to them. Knowing how to build muscle is as simple as keeping things down to the basic, proven methods and staying consistent with your efforts.

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