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Doing The Advocare Diet Plan 24 Day Challenge

By Lana Bray

These days a lot of people are becoming interested in ways to lose weight. Some of those people have decide they want better health and others have decided they want a better looking body. Whatever your reason, one thing remains true, extreme diets and too much exercise are not a long term solution. A lot of different weight loss programs don't work simply because they result in unsafe weight loss and aren't sustainable for a long period of time. The Advocare diet plan has a twenty-four day challenge that is safe and easy to maintain.

The 24 day challenge through Advocare is a very effective weight management method, when compared to many of the other plans out there. It involves a lot more than an outline of an eating plan and some exercises you need to do every day. It combines eating healthy with cardio workouts and nutritional supplements that help promote strong muscle growth. People using this system lose unwanted pounds, but they also establish a healthier body at the same time.

Weight loss results are specific to each individual person, but anyone who follows this plan correctly can see good results. It takes commitment, like any other lifestyle change, but it is doable. The plan guides you through the entire process and makes losing weight easy.

This dieting plan is for more than loosing a few unwanted pounds. By following the system, users can establish healthier routines for a better lifestyle that provides more energy and keeps you feeling great. The plan has 2 different phases, an herbal cleanse and the regular diet and exercise plan.

The herbal cleanse lasts for ten days. You will use special recipes that include fiber and nutrient rich items to clear the system of toxins and get the body ready for losing weight. The cleanse will be the most challenge phase of the process which means you will need plenty of will power and focus to get through it. When the cleansing phase is over, almost everyone who has done it is surprised are how well they feel.

Before ever dropping a pound, the cleanse sets the tone for how successful the process will be. By seeing an increase in energy and feeling better overall, most people are more than motivated to complete the entire process. The thought of feeling like that permanently can be a strong motivation for working through those tough times when you just want to give up.

A life long habit of unhealthy eating can make it a real challenge to get through the cleansing phase. The first 10 days of the challenge involve the cleanse and begins the flushing away of all the bad things in your body. When the cleanse is over, the body should be fully primed for weight loss. Once the toxins are gone, energy increases a significant amount as well.

When using a weight loss program, like the Advocare diet plan, you should remember that it is only there to help you lose weight, you have to put in the effort. This program can help you feel better about yourself, get you in shape and increase your health, but only if you have the will power to stick with it. Results do not happen overnight, but dedication to a long term solution will show results over time.

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