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Get Thinner Thighs The Easy Way

By Mike Kincaid

Anyone working to tone their body knows that in the effort to get thinner thighs, dieting doesn't make any major difference. The difficult fact of the matter is that targeted exercises are the only way to burn away the excess fat. However, one must also realize that the wrong types of exercises can cause the muscle fibers to gain bulk, thus becoming counterproductive in the effort to make the thighs thinner. One must determine the best types of exercises to burn away the fat while balancing resistance with repetitions in order to obtain long, lean thighs.

In general, it is best to avoid resistance training of any kind that targets the thigh muscles. This means staying off the stair steppers and keeping resistance set to a minimum on ellipticals and treadmills. If one is walking in natural terrain, it is best to avoid paths that include a lot of uphill travel. The best workouts for thigh slimming involve only the body's own weight and many repetitions.

Walking is the first choice for exercise that is designed to help one obtain thinner thighs. It is a natural movement that sequentially targets all of the muscle groups making up the leg and thigh. It also helps to strengthen the core of the body in the abs and lower back. Because resistance is low, the muscles are able to work fast without having to become stronger by adding bulk.

For those in better physical condition overall, running may be preferable to walking. However, one should focus on long distance running rather than sprinting. The reason is that distance running focuses on repetition of leg movements while sprinting focuses on strengthening the thigh muscles to obtain short bursts of speed.

The difference can be seen easily by looking at a distance or marathon runner side by side with a sprinter. The sprinter will have heavily muscled legs while the marathoner will have long, lean lines.

Dance is another excellent workout for the thigh muscles. There are several movements that one can learn that have been specifically designed to tone specific upper leg muscles. These moves are meant to promote long graceful thighs rather than bulky muscular ones. Traditional ballet instructors can provide instruction on how these moves should be performed and how many repetitions should be done to achieve peak results.

Regardless of the type of workout chosen, the key to ending a workout that has the goal of helping one get slimmer thighs is to stretch the muscles that have just been working. Yoga poses and several dance positions are available that can provide a good stretch that will help to keep the thigh muscles supple. Stretching and cooling down following a workout helps to train the muscles to relax when not working and keeps them from contracting, adding bulk when at rest.

Diet plays a role in overall health and ability to burn fat. However, in the seeking of a way to get thinner thighs, dieting doesn't play near as large a role as choosing the correct type of workout. One has to work to burn away the fat while avoiding the types of exercise that increase the bulk of muscle fibers to achieve the best results.

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