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The Need To Employ A Personal Trainer Redwood City To Avoid Childhood Obesity

By Patricia Neill

Redwood City, California is situated 43 kilometers south of San Francisco. It's laced with so many huge and century old trees. The city features a mild Mediterranean climate - normally sunny and cool throughout the day and cold during the night. It rarely rains in the city, thus, outdoor activities are extremely inviting and encouraging. The greeneries in the city are welcome treats for anyone who really wants to enjoy and appreciate nature. There are many parks as well as walking trails, which are ideal for walking, running, cycling, and hiking as per a personal trainer Redwood City.

The Need to Address Childhood Obesity

Children must be encouraged to get active to prevent obesity which is gradually increasing in the San Francisco bay area. Parents can employ a personal trainer Redwood City to prevent their children from gaining so much weight due to insufficient physical inactivity.

A study made by the San Francisco Childhood Obesity reports that the rate of obesity among children that are part of a low income family in Bay area is high. Those belonging to the age group of 5-19 are 16.8% overweight and 18.7% from the children is obese. 29.Four percent from the obese youngsters are Latinos, while 24.1% of the children are African Americans.

These minute rates are very alarming, as a result it is advisable for parents to start involving their kids in outdoor activities. Below are why parents should consider hiring a personal trainer Redwood City:

* Formal training

A personal trainer received a formal learning school. They studied extensively the kinds of exercises ideal for children, adults, and seniors. Children shouldn't be instructed to perform heavy workouts because their muscles continue to be developing. A personal trainer Redwood City comes with the proper knowledge regarding how to handle children and also the kind of activities appropriate for them.

* Diet

To prevent weight problems in children, parents should be trained on how to select the nutritious foods for his or her children. They ought to be educated on the proper servings of carbohydrates, protein, and fats needed by growing children. The correct nutrition is one of the trainings a personal trainer studied in class.

* Exercise programs

A personal trainer Redwood City will base his exercise program for your children on your children's interest. If your child enjoys cycling, he can train and encourage him to bike around the beautiful city of Redwood. A personal trainer can design a course for your child to create cycling a fun-filled activity. The concept is perfect for the children to sustain their interest and not become bored using the exercise program. Fun may be the name from the game for kids, and when they discover the program enjoyable, then they can be motivated to go on using the exercise program.

A personal trainer also knows how important it is not to worry a child's body from exercise, especially those who curently have weight loss. There are several high-impact exercises that aren't suitable for obese children for they'd result in back and joint injuries, when refrained from the guidance of the personal trainer from Redwood.

* Exercise routine for novices

Beginners must be introduced to a regular exercise routine slowly to prevent injuries. There are certain exercises that a personal trainer will ask children to do before proceeding to the next level. The amount of time is also a consideration because beginners must not exercise for more than 30 minutes.

* Intermediate exercises

As the children get used to the exercise program, a personal trainer Redwood City will moderately increase the number of minutes and also the level of difficulty of the workout.

As per a personal trainer Redwood City, encouraging your children to get active at an early age is strongly encouraged to prevent childhood obesity and its complications.

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