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The Psychology Of Weight Loss - Challenges And Tips

By Gina Toulise

Losing weight can be quite a task. If you perform a quick search online on how to lose weight, you will find a ton of websites that will tell you how to lose weight and even make it appear simple. This is not the reality. It takes a lot of concentrated effort, a healthy attitude, and determination to make losing weight possible. Support networks can be incredibly beneficial to those who are looking to lose weight effectively.

Here, we will be highlighting a few of the big challenges that we face when attempting to shed excess weight, and we will show some solution to these challenges.

1. Keeping positive in your mind

To lose weight, having the proper attitude is critical to success. It is common for negative thoughts to pop into one's head like 'what if it is too hard?' or 'this is not for me'. When someone really tries and puts in their full effort, then true gains can be made in time. We all have these nagging thoughts, but when you see the effects from your weight loss plan materialize, the negative thoughts will go away and positive thoughts will emerge. It is also essential to bear in mind that the changes you need to make to your diet and the amount of exercise that is required every week can be a daunting thought, especially because this will be a completely new routine for you. Affirmations are good to keep you on track, so find some helpful phrases and remember them.

2. Clearly defining goals

Goals are a big part of our lives, and they need to be set carefully. Be it our regular job or even our life plan, there are certain things that we all wish to achieve. Weight loss is no different. The goals you set should be actually possible to achieve, so don't try to lose 50 kilograms in a month. It can be dangerous to try this. To get you on the path to where you want to be, sometimes it's a good idea to get the valuable experience of a professional to help you set your goals, such as a personal trainer or a dietician.

3. Be clear in your goals in your mind

There are always going to be some problems that arise when we are trying to accomplish any goal in life. Some common issues are health problems, a family crisis, or financial woes. Many people find that exercise is a form of escape from these stresses. Try and stay away from distractions and focus on what it is you want to achieve. When you set a goal to lose weight, be sure to follow through on your plans, no matter what.

4. Have a support network

One of the best ways to lose weight is to avoid attempting it by yourself and having a 'weight loss partner' is possible. Make sure that this person is as motivated as you are as any negativity can have a detrimental impact on you achieving your goals.


Diet and exercise are important, but there is much more to the process of weight loss. Emotional support along with the right mindset is essential to reach your goals. These simple strategies listed above will help you get there and achieve the weight and physique and always desired.

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