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The Value Of Walking As Provided By A Personal Trainer Agoura Hills

By Brandon Watkins

Some of the biggest companies in the United States have headquarters in Agoura Hills - a city that's situated in the Los Angeles County of California. Of these companies are the Bank of America, IBM, Teradyne, and many more.

Statistically, the average time that a worker would consume when going to work in Agoura Hills is half an hour, and of all the workers in Agoura Hills, only 10 percent of them admitted that they walk on their way to the office each day.

A personal trainer Agoura Hills would like to stress the importance of walking to somehow encourage people in Agoura Hills to walk every morning to work.

Weight Loss

The greatest benefit of walking going to work is weight loss. The personal trainer Agoura Hills stated that walking at least 40 minutes each day can help you to shed off all the excess pounds in your body. Walking is a great way to shed off the weight in your hips and legs, abdomen as well as all throughout your body. The amount of weight that you can lose will pretty much depend on your pace as well as your intensity.

Disease Prevention

If you take time to walk on your way to work daily, you could avoid getting sick especially with those illnesses that are related to the heart. The increase of high blood pressure can also be prevented as well as diabetes.

Furthermore, walking regularly can help to boost up the healthy cholesterol levels in your body and the personal trainer Agoura Hills added that walking can also help to strengthen your bones which is important for you to be able to exercise well and of course, to prevent bone deficiency as well.

Mental Benefits

Studies show that walking can help to improve one's mood and prevent anxiety and depression. Above all, walking regularly can also help to relieve stress. If you walk regularly on your way to work, you will be able to concentrate more on your tasks and therefore, you could be more productive.

The personal trainer Agoura Hills further advises that if you cannot manage to walk back and forth your office each day, you can compromise by walking on your way going to work and then commuting on your way back home.

As you can see, there are definitely lots of benefits that you could get if you choose to walk on your way to work instead of driving your car. You might be actually helping to save the environment as well because this helps to lessen the pollution.

The personal trainer Agoura Hills suggested that you start at a slow pace on the very first week and then eventually raise your pace on the following week and so on. Also, make sure that you wear light clothes and comfortable shoes when walking your way to work and you can just change to your office attire after you reach your office premises. If you want further assistance, call a personal trainer Agoura Hills who can give you more advices when it comes to walking.

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