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Which Muscle Building Supplements To Stack With Whey Protein

By Howe Russ

If you are trying to decide which supplements to take you will notice that most of the consumers in the health and fitness industry are confused and lost. For some, trying to figure out how to build muscle may as well be rockets science.

If you don't want to be wasting your hard earned money on items with a silly trial and error approach, you need to take a little bit of time to learn the basics of supplementation and nutrition. What works well with a whey protein? If you are to believe everything you read on the new products you'll see in stores each day you'd be taking countless pills and powders.

Today you are going to discover which products work well alongside whey in a good muscle building diet.
Discover which supplements to take with today\'s simple video rules.

While every new item to go on sale in the health and fitness or nutrition industry will happily tell you that it is the greatest invention since the gym itself, the fact is more and more products are being released which have no actual scientific proof behind them to back up their claims. The things on today's list are established and proven.

1. Creatine.

2. Glutamine.

3. Branched Chain Amino Acids.

Creatine is a natural substance which is produced inside the body each time you want to perform a short explosive burst of activity. By taking additional resources of this substance you will basically help your body to make those short bursts longer and more intense.

While creatine itself won't make you grow bigger or get stronger, the effect it will have on your training sessions will have those results. By increasing your ability to perform explosive movements beyond what your body is capable of on it's own you will unlock previously untapped potential within yourself. This could mean pushing out an extra rep here or two extra sets there. Over time all this extra intensity in the gym begins to pay off in a big way.

That basically sums up the effects this product is designed to have, but the tough part for most people is separating the many different forms and deciding which one is the best. The easy way to do this is to look at the science. While newer formulas such as ethyl-ester and kre-alkalyn certainly have positive advantages to them, the oldest form of creatine remains the king when it comes to concrete proof. Monohydrate is not only the most scientifically backed but it is also the cheapest due to the fact that it has now been on the market for over twenty years. Take advantage of this rather than seeing it as a negative.

As any experienced trainer will tell you, the importance of the recovery period following your gym session cannot be overplayed. In fact, this is absolutely key to your long-term results and if you fail to take advantage of the post-workout period you will be seriously short-changing yourself. The best way to increase results during this important period, as far as supplements go, is a substance such as glutamine.

Primarily this is designed to increase your body's immune system and prevent you from falling ill so easily. If you are training hard regularly you will be more at risk of contracting minor colds and flu's so this comes in very handy here. It also increases your body's release of growth hormone, too.

You may be wondering why BCAA's are considered to be one of the most important aspects of a bodybuilding routine. After all, your whey protein shake already provides you with a good amount of these. However, studies show that by complimenting your current intake with a dedicated BCAA product you can turn up protein synthesis to another level.

The three items under the microscope today have been the secret weapons of countless bodybuilding routines and nutrition plans for many years now. Now that you have a good idea of what each of them actually does for your body and your progress, you will find it far easier to determine which supplements to use.

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