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A Personal Trainer Atherton Unveiled Three Of The Most Pricey Equipment In The World

By Brandon Watkins

Having an average home price of $4,000,000, Atherton City is maybe, one of the wealthiest cities all over the United States. People here could afford to hire the most expensive trainers for their fitness regimen and some of them won't even hesitate to spend for the most expensive exercise equipment just to realize their fitness goals in the easiest way. If you are curious, then read this article as a personal trainer Atherton revealed the 3 most expensive fitness equipment in the world.

* Vibro Gym

Vibro Gym is a kind of exercise equipment that is very famous among celebrities and is said to cost up to $70,000. This device makes use of a vibration technology in stimulating the muscles in your body. The frequency as well as the volume of the vibrations can be modified so you will be able to achieve a wide range of workout intensities and can only be done within ten minutes each day.

The most expensive model for this equipment has 65,000 Swarovski embellishments. Of course, a good personal trainer Atherton will never recommend something so expensive if there are cheaper, and more effective options.

* Hypoxi Trainers

Another expensive device for working out is the Hypoxi Trainer, a device developed by Doctor Egger. Currently, it is being sold in over 40 countries worldwide and it is designed to target the most unusual problem areas that people encounter on their body. Among these are the thighs, hips and buttocks.

The device costs more than $50,000 and is known to be very effective in shaping one's body. The product comes in two models, S120 and L50, and both models help users to effectively eliminate cellulite and help in shedding off a great amount of fats in the body.

According to a personal trainer Atherton, the device works by stimulating the blood circulation in your body which is one way to effectively reduce body fats.

* Vibro Gym

The Range of Motion Machine is an exercise equipment that can help a person to achieve a total body workout. Using this device is like going to the gym and making use of all the equipment in the gym. It costs $15,000 and it comes as a flywheel machine that weighs 85 pounds and comes with a centrifugal brake.

According to the personal trainer Atherton, using this device for a mere four minutes only is already equivalent to a total body workout, since the machine is capable of using 12 times more muscle cells as compared with brisk walking and running.

Take note that losing weight does not necessarily mean that you need to spend your whole savings just to buy one of the expensive machines mentioned above. If you think that you do not have the means to invest in one of these devices, then you better sign up with a personal trainer Atherton who could help you to lose weight naturally without spending thousands of bucks. After all, what's the use of having a fit and slim body if you're broke?

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