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A Personal Trainer Orange County Suggests 3 Leg Exercises For Strong And Sexy Legs

By Brandon Watkins

As you know, our legs are considered vitally important since they're the ones that give support to our body. In Orange County, a place that's surrounded with beautiful beaches, lots of women there are yearning to have a perfect pair of legs so they'll look stunning when wearing their sexy swimwear and frolicking on one of these beautiful beaches.

If you're one of these women, here are 3 leg exercises that a personal trainer Orange County will recommend to those who would like to achieve a pair of strong and sexy legs.

Leg Press

The leg press exercise is very easy and is safe for anyone to do. With this exercise, your back will be protected from excessive forces just like you would when doing squat exercises. Furthermore, doing these exercise moves can help you to control your weight much easier because of the locking mechanisms which most leg press exercises have.

When doing the leg press exercises, make sure that you keep your repetition within the range of 15 to 20 repetitions for up to five sets. According to the personal trainer Orange County, this method of repetition will work your quads as well as your hamstrings and gluteal muscles, thus, you will certainly achieve a strong and perfectly shaped legs.

Hamstring Curls

Hamstring curls are the kind of exercise that you can do even when you are lying down, standing and sitting. The exercise would require that you flex your knees while you extend your hips. It is very important that you work out your hamstrings because if you neglect them, this can cause chronic low back pain especially if they are not stretched and strengthened well. The personal trainer Orange County further added that this problem is common among middle aged individuals and most especially the elders.

Calf Raises

An exercise that is very effective in helping you to achieve a pair of stronger and perfectly shaped legs is the calf raises. There are some people who are genetically blessed and would find it easier to grow their leg muscles, but for others who are not, then the personal trainer Orange County would advise that they perform these exercises as often as they can. This type of exercise would involve working out the ankle and the foot whether on a standing or a sitting position.

Exercising the legs is also essential for those who are doing weight training. Take note that leg workouts do not necessarily have to be that hard, but it is important that you include them on your weight training in order to keep your legs stronger and so it could offer support to your overall body when working out.

The amount of intensity of the leg exercise that you will do will pretty much depend on your health condition, your age and the level of your physical conditioning. It is highly advised that you seek the help of a personal trainer Orange County if you're not sure whether a certain leg exercise is safe for you or not.

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