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A Top Personal Trainer Thousand Oaks Provided Some Workouts You Could Do In The Park

By Robert D. Warren

Thousand Oaks is a city in California, within the Ventura County. It is named as such due to the presence of a lot of oak trees in the area. In fact, the city seal of Thousand Oaks is adorned with an oak tree. It's therefore understandable why you'll find so many parks in Thousand Oaks. Residents take advantage of this and would have their exercises done in the park.

A highly regarded personal trainer Thousand Oaks has shared a couple of exercises that you could do in the park. So check this out and turn the nearby park in your place into a gym.

Arabesque Exercises

If you want to achieve a toned body just like that of a ballerina, then you should perform Arabesque exercises. This exercise, according to the personal trainer Thousand Oaks, is a classic dance move. To perform this exercise, simply grasp a bar in front of you. You will most likely find one in the kid's playground in the park. Keep your left leg straightened up and then slowly lift the other leg up behind you until you will feel a squeeze on your butt. Afterwards, return to the standing position and do the same thing with the other leg.

Bench Push-Ups

As you know, push-ups are certainly a great workout. This kind of exercise focuses on your chest, arms and shoulders. If you are not ready to do push-ups on the ground in the park, the personal trainer Thousand Oaks suggests that you look for an elevated area such as a bench and perform the push-ups while your body is in an elevated position.

This exercise is famous among models who want to have perfectly toned arms and shoulders. You can add a bit of challenge in this exercise by putting both your feet on the bench while your hands are on the ground and perform a harder variation of the push-up.

Calf Raise

To do this exercise, begin by standing one an elevated level like a low bench while your heels are hanging off the edge. Slowly raise your body by pushing the balls of your feet upwards and then lower your body while extending your heels down.

Push immediately back up as far as you can reach. Perform 10 reps of this exercise move and then 20 quick pulses in order to achieve a perfectly toned body. According to the personal trainer Thousand Oaks, you can choose to add more weight by carrying something like a couple of dumbbells.

With these three exercises, you no longer have any excuse not to exercise. You could do this while looking after your children at the park, or perhaps during a bonding moment with your partner. You can also jog or walk around the park before and after you do the exercises above.

Above all, the personal trainer Thousand Oaks advises that you should not forget to do some stretching before and after working out in order to avoid any injury.

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