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Can a Meal Replacer Help You Lose Weight?

By Vito La Fata

Are you trying to lose weight but have run out of ideas to try? Using a meal replacer may be the answer that you are looking for. Meal replacers come in many different forms, such as shakes, boxed products and bars. Meal replacements are food products which have a robust amount of nutrition and are designed to stand in for an entire meal, as the name suggests.

Some people wonder if they will be hungry while using a meal replacer. You may think that if you eat fewer calories during one meal (such as when you use a meal replacer), you will make up for the calorie reduction at a later meal, effectively canceling out your attempt at losing weight. Happily, however, this is generally not what happens. It may be because people tend to get used to having fewer calories at that particular meal and not end up replacing them.

Meal replacements can also help you lose weight by giving you a different mindset or mental image of your eating habits. Visualizing your meal replacement meal as a smaller meal can possibly have the effect of helping you to eat slower and be more cognizant of how full you are getting as you eat.

How to choose an effective meal replacement. Meal Replacement products can be found at the local grocery store and/or supplied by a medical or weight-loss professional. Key points to check: Meal replacements should have approximately 200-300 calories. Replacement bars and shakes with high sugar content should be avoided. Products should be fortified with a third of the daily vitamin and mineral requirements.

Should all clients who want to start a reduced calorie diet begin with meal replacements? No. Before starting a reduced calorie diet, clients may find it helpful to consult a doctor about their weight loss plans, partially if pre-existing health conditions are present. It may be necessary to adjust medication, especially for people interested in replacing two or more meals per day.

Finally, you are free to use a meal replacer for as long as you desire-as long as you are getting adequate nutrition and only using the replacer for one meal per day. If you would like to use a meal replacement for more than one meal per day, you will need to ask your doctor how long you should use it.

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