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Four Steps To Ensuring Your Weight Loss Is Permanent

By Russ Howe

When it comes to the world of fitness, most people cannot tell you how to lose weight and prevent it from piling straight back on the moment you come off your healthy eating routine. In today's post you will discover why it's not rocket science.

If you were to ask a thousand people in gyms across your country for their biggest problem in the gym, weight loss would almost certainly top that list.

Bizarrely, despite the number of people who claim to need assistance with this particular issue, we have reached a point of information overload. With too much information, much of it conflicting, many gym users have reverted back to trial and error methods and trying to figure things out for themselves. There are a few scientifically proven methods you can use.

They are:

1. Look to improve your protein intake.

2. Avoid cutting out nutrients like carbohydrates and fats.

3. Start weight training in your local gym.

4. Swap out long aerobic workouts for shorter, more effective cardiovascular exercise like interval training.

Increased protein intake has been well documented for it's fat loss benefits. Protein has less impact on the body's fat storage system than the other two nutrients, carbohydrate and fat, therefore it makes it the perfect snack throughout the day. You should be consuming around 1.5 grams of protein for every kg of your body weight.

You can't expect to get very good results, however, if you are cutting out carbohydrates and fats from your routine altogether. There are many fad diets on the market which promise instantaneous results by telling you to avoid these nutrients as if they were the enemy of fat loss. It is incredibly unhealthy to live this way, and the body can only survive for so long before it begins shutting down due to a lack of these important nutrients. This results in individuals who pile on lots of rebound weight when they eat anything containing carbohydrates. An ideal fat loss diet should be high in protein, high in healthy fats and moderate in carbohydrates.

Now that your diet is finally on track, you will begin looking for ways to improve your existing exercise routine. Well, you can begin by heading into your barn and finding those old barbells and dumbbells you bought years ago.

That's right, lifting weights is actually excellent for losing body fat! Do not buy into the myth that you should only lift the iron if you want to look like a muscle-bound monster. Not only is is a proven fat loss method, it will also help you to sculpt lean muscles below the surface of your skin, allowing you to achieve the type of lean, toned physique which most people are striving for.
Today's clip on how to lose weight details five extensively researched fat loss tips for you.

Those new to training can see great results by adopting a three day training program. Begin by adopting resistance machines into your plan which allow you to hit your full body in each session, before moving over to free weights and then adopting a more detailed four day program when you feel progress begins to slow.

Long, steady state cardiovascular exercise is now yesterday's advice. High intensity interval training not only allows you to spend less time working out, it has been proven to increase results by up to nine times! So the sooner you can end those hour long aerobic workouts, the better.

If your goal is to learn how to lose weight and maintain your new results into the long-term, combining a high protein, high fat, moderate carbohydrate diet with a combination of high intensity interval training and resistance based training is currently by far the most effective way to do so.

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