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Indoor Exercises Coming From A Personal Trainer Moraga

By Dee C. Williams

Moraga is a suburban town that is located in the state of California. It is near the San Francisco Bay and is famous for its Mediterranean climate. During the winter, the town is all wet and cool. The weather is dry and warm during summer but morning fogs are scattered all around during early morning.

It's for this reason why lots of residents in Moraga cannot go on with their daily morning exercise outdoors during summer. But a personal trainer Moraga shared a number of indoor exercises which you could do during the early morning in your home so you do not have to deal with the fogs outdoors.


To perform this exercise, you should begin by extending positioning your feet shoulder width apart. Make sure that you're very comfortable. Afterwards, slowly lower your buttocks without moving your feet and without bending your upper body. You should feel the tension in your lower body.

Lower your buttocks up to the point wherein your thighs are parallel to the floor.

Shoulder Press

The personal trainer Moraga recommends the use of a dumbbell for the shoulder press exercise. Stand with your feet hip width apart from each other and make sure that you're holding one dumbbell for each hand. Afterwards, bend your knees slowly and plunge into a squat position while keeping your knees in line with your toes and heels. When going back to the standing position, push your arms upwards and move straight up towards the air.

Incline Dumbbell Press

The personal trainer Moraga recommends holding a 10 or 12 pound dumbbell when doing the incline dumbbell press. Hold the dumbbells on each hand and sit on an exercise ball while allowing it to roll below your back until such time that you are in a squatting position and the upper portion of your back is leaning on it. Hold on to the dumbbells beneath your shoulders and then slowly press straight up the dumbbell going towards the ceiling and then go back to the starting position.

One Leg Dead lifts

To perform this exercise, the personal trainer Moraga advises that you start on a standing position while your feet are hip width apart from each other. You should be holding two dumbbells on each sides and then slowly bend your body forward coming from your waistline while letting your hands lie freely on your sides. At the same time, slowly lift your leg up until such time that it is in the same height with your torso and in parallel with the floor. Go back to the standing position and continue doing the moves with the other leg.

The personal trainer Moraga suggests that beginners should perform at least 8 to 12 reps of each of the exercises mentioned previously in order to be able to burn more calorie and fats. Those in the intermediate level who want to gain more muscle must be able to perform 12 to 15 repetitions of each exercise daily.

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