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The Guide To A HCG Diet

By Andrea Davidson

The HCG Texas diet or human chorionic gonadotropin is a diet with low calories relying on hCG administration to suppress appetite and the burning of fat. Originally, it was devised by Dr. A. T. W. Simeons back in the fifties. He noticed something peculiar whilst researching the hormone for its effects. He noticed that those who took the hormone lost weight.

Simeons started to do research on the use of this particular hormone. Weight loss was the intended result and dieters would noticeably consume few calories. As long as the hormone was being consumed, headaches, physical weakness and extreme hunger was generally avoided.

HCG or human chorionic gonadotropin is produced by the pregnant and is useful in aiding the progesterone production in the body. People think this will cause the body to release fats that have been stored so that the fetus will be nourished. This is appropriate if the woman is consuming an inappropriate amount of calories.

Those that follow or seek to follow this diet are given the hormone due to the belief that it burns fat a lot quicker. The plan can allow for a daily intake of just five hundred calories. It originally allowed coffee or unsweetened tea with up to a single tablespoon of milk when it comes to breakfast. Saccharin and stevia, artificial sweeteners, were allowed in the place of sugar.

The other meals like lunch or dinner is known to consist of poultry, low fat, or meat, which would have one hundred grams as its pre cooked weight. To cook it, oil or butter is often utilized. Fruits, bread sticks and even Melba toast can be eaten with these meals, or they can be taken separately and by themselves as snacks.

There are several variations that exist out there. However, you will find that they are not very different to the original. It is still more or less five hundred calories, making up of protein mostly and a few carbs. There are variants that will include appetite suppressant injections.

Those that participate in this are going to receive a regular dose for as much as forty days. Simeons had recommended at least six weeks off after forty days. This is due to his studies suggesting that the human body may build up a certain immunity to it after some time.

To fully benefit from this, four treatments are deemed necessary. It is to last for forty days before entering the six weeks rest period. This hormone is available only by prescription and many would be hard pressed to located a doctor willing to give a prescription.

The process of hCG Texas dieting is quite effective, although there are a lot of critics as well. One main critique is that is does not help in learning how to eat healthy. The lack of emphasis on exercise is also being targeted, since many consider exercise to be important in handling long term health and fitness.

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