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The Worst Food items on earth!

By Vanessa Summer

There are plenty of foods on the market that, even though they taste good, are very very bad for you. While we can recognize some of these foods on sight--most of the food you'll order at a fast food restaurant, for example, is quite enjoyable to eat but will do terrible things to your body and is made of far too many calories to even be considered healthy. But why don't you consider the foods that seem like a perfectly appropriate thing to eat? What about the meals that you order for your kids? In this article we can have a look at a few of the very worst things you could ever feed yourself or your family members.

One of the worst things on earth, believe it or not is a dish of macaroni and cheese. While the produce at home on your own variant from Kraft or Annie's is fairly benign, the mac and cheese you get at a restaurant usually is not. The Kids' Mac and Cheese food from California Pizza Kitchen, as an example is frighteningly unhealthy. This one meal includes over a thousand calories, over sixteen hundred milligrams of sodium and nearly forty grams of saturated fat! No component to that is truly healthy.

How often have you bought some of those frozen pot pies from the grocery store? These appear to be quasi-healthy eleventh hour meals but the truth is that they are loaded with unnecessary calories. The pot pies from Stouffer's, by way of example, generally contain more than eleven hundred calories, more than sixty grams of fat and almost eighteen hundred milligrams of sodium. You might end up eating all your recommended caloric intake if you are on a mission to lose weight--just by eating one of these things!

You probably imagine that a vegetarian sandwich should be among the healthiest things you can order from a fast food place, right? The real truth of the matter is that, since you will probably putting dressings and other condiments in this sandwich as well, they are usually just as unhealthy as a sandwich packed with meat. When you buy a vegetarian sandwich from Blimpies (as an example), you're purchasing nearly twelve hundred calories, sixty grams of fat and more than thirty five hundred milligrams of sodium. How would that ever become thought of as healthy?

A salad should be healthy, right? Most people presume it is correct anyway. When we are craving something healthy and quick, we usually look for a salad to help fill us up with food that is good for us. You will likely be astonished to read, then, that there are some salads that are quite unhealthy. TGI Fridays's Santa Fe chopped salad, to apply one example, features nearly eighteen hundred calories. This is probably because the salad is the size of a big dinner plate but think of it: do you want all of your caloric intake for the day to be used up by this one salad?

The truth is that almost all of the food that we buy on the go or in restaurants is simply not going to be as good for us as the food we make ourselves. We understand that you may not be in love with the notion of preparing food for yourself but the truth is that, especially when you're trying to lose weight and improve your health, this is the best thing that you can do for yourself.

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