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Weight Loss And Medicine

By Tammara Odessa

It is never easy for a person to shed weight. There is a saying that most people have heard repeatedly: 'a minute on the lips, a lifetime on the hips'. There are many negative side effects of obesity which some are calling an epidemic, including heart disease, cerebrovascular disease, and joint problems, to name a few. People every year make resolutions to lose weight because of the heightened awareness about the risks associated with being overweight.

What are some of the best ways to achieve weight loss? Can healthier food choices and exercise do it all? Let's take a closer look at this.

The Diet Aspect

This is the first step that anyone trying to lose weight tries. One can choose between a lot of different diet plans today that are offered. Included are the hCG diet and the Atkins diet, just to name a couple. Whichever diet one goes with, the idea is similar, to maintain muscle while burning fat and getting rid of excess weight. There are unhealthy ways to use diet to shed excess weight, so speaking to a medical professional is advised. When nutrients are no longer absorbed by the body because the food that contained them has been cut out, it can have less than optimal effects and can be unhealthy. Seeing a dietician can be helpful to get the right advice on a diet that will help you lose weight.

Simple steps include eating more fruit and vegetable, cutting down on red meat and fried foods and making sure to eat oily fish.

The Exercise Aspect

Exercise burns calories - there is no doubt about that. There are effective ways to deplete glycogen and burn calories and subcutaneous fat using exercises that target your cardiovascular system. Studies have shown that cardiovascular disease and insulin resistance are highly associated with obesity that is in the abdominal region of people. By consuming a diet that is low in calories and performing exercise that burns more calories than is consumed everyday is what helps one lose weight.

Exercise requires commitment and focus. Succeeding is easier when you have an exercise partner, as this will provide motivation to attain the physique you desire. Increasing heart rate is important, so exercises like swimming, cross training, cycling, brisk walks, and jogging will help to strengthen your cardiovascular system.

Making it work

Regular exercise and a healthy diet are well known to be the best ways to get rid of unwanted weight. There are multiple choices when it comes to deciding on an appropriate routine, that have assisted numerous people to achieve their goals, it's getting started that is the toughest part. Different gyms offer personal trainers that are trained in offering sound advice to help one achieve their goals of weight loss in a safe and effective manner. Other types of assistance is available from weight loss clubs that will actually deliver healthy meals right to people's homes, which helps them to have easy access to nutritious food. There is no excuse!


There are plenty of safe and effective weight loss techniques available. Plenty of well known diet and exercise regimes are available to assist people to lose weight the healthy way. Be sure to consult a dietician or see your physician in order to set out a plan to lose weight safely and effectively.

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